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    Christmas gift help

    I don't disagree. (OK, I disagree a little; you will pry my JC-120 from my cold, dead hands.) If I was going tube for him, it would be a AC10, which clocks in around 15lbs lighter than the DRRI and would suit him almost equally well. But I already know that the AC10 is not quite luggable for...
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    Christmas gift help

    Thank you, everyone! My son is playing jazz now, and loves Kenny Burrell + Wes Montgomery. He's also a budding rocker (Slipknot / AC/DC / Deftones / Mastodon). I have gear, which he borrows (sometimes). I'm going back and forth between something like the Boss / Fender (which has all the digital...
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    Christmas gift help

    My son (age 12) has been playing guitar for a year or two, and loves it, and is getting better all the time. In the past few months he's also begun playing guitar in his middle school big-band, which he enjoys a lot. I'm thinking of getting him an amplifier as a Christmas present, and am...
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    The FENDER "Evil" Twin Amp (NOT the Red Knob)

    NETD (New Evil Twin Day) Got one this week. So far, I love it. The "three" channels make it pretty versatile. Here it is, on top of the loudest amp stand I know of: Running these two in stereo is a bit loud for my study...
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    Ugliest guitar ever

    Quite a few candidates here: My personal nomination: The Domino California Rebel:
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    Never buy an amp from a pawn shop!

    Congratulations x 3.
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    Best selling amplifier in history?

    Demand declines with price. The HRDX is an expensive amp, if you consider all amps. No way that's it. I'm still thinking something under $100: Peavey Backstage, Fender Frontman, or the like. Hell, it might even be a Gorilla. <ducks>
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    Best selling amplifier in history?

    Peavey Backstage? Fender Frontman 15/25? Or maybe the Pignose?
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    Anyone tried to "Unleash" a 5 watter?

    Wow, didn't realize the Laney didn't have a line out.
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    Anyone tried to "Unleash" a 5 watter?

    Tech21 Power Engine FTW.
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    Tone stack sequence

    It occurred to me today that the order of the tone stack on most amps is non-intuitive. Spectrum analyzers, EQs, etc. all go low --> high from left to right. A quick survey suggests that almost all amps have this backwards. Amps with high --> low tone stack: - Fender Twin - Fender Deluxe...
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    Roland Jazz Chorus Club

    I had one years ago. Sold it. Regretted it for two decades. A few weeks ago, found one on eBay. 80s-era. A bit beat up, but works great. Interesting how many of the JC-120s on this thread have other amps stacked on top of them. That's a Princeton Chorus on mine. I thought about making...
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    Is it a good deal? Need your help please

    (Fender > Epiphone. SMH.)
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    Is it a good deal? Need your help please

    I'd make that trade. In general, Fender < Epiphone, IMO.