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  • preeb can i ask you what bridge saddle sits upon bone 1 in the musium time. id like to get that for my 330 build. and forget the stupid R tail piece. thanks. back in a new name. you would not remember me anyway. even though i read every thread you posted back in the day. im back thats my 330 build.. and first guitar build ever.. i learn so much from you.


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    Hi Gil,

    Sorry, I got carried away by your mentioning of the heavy but nice guitar sounding not so good and asked for your experise in your Lyra thread. I should have asked privately. I deleted my post. Did you have any or any good experience with hard ash?


    wish you all the best in private life and with your enterprise!
    Hi Gil ,
    I'm trying to "make" a P51-54 bass pickguard .. I 'm lookin' for the exact dimensions of the pickguard ; which I can't find to buy ...
    It would be great if you could help me with the dimensions ...would it be possible , please ?
    Thanks a lot for your answer .
    Kind Regards from France ,

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