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    Circuit for Photomultiplier

    Son back home for the weekend. The mystery component is a high power 1MOhm resistor.
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    Circuit for Photomultiplier

    WD - thanks for looking. I think a multimeter is needed to be sure.
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    Circuit for Photomultiplier

    Hi DS, Thanks ! Yes, agree on the function of the cap and resistor. That is a good idea on the DVM/MM. I had asked him about that, but apparently he does not have one in the lab. I have MMs, including one w/ LC function, but they are here, three hours by car away. Told him he should be able to...
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    Circuit for Photomultiplier

    Our 2nd son (the guitar player in the family who I built some guitars and amps with) is working for a physics prof at his university (he just finished 2nd yr Engineering Physics) and is being asked to set up experiments for neutrino research, He has been given a spectroscope, photomultiplier...
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    "The Legend of the Music Tree"

    Great story and well written. The polar opposite of @crazydave911's palletwood archtop video thread :) Come to think of it, I have an old pallet in the back yard...
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    Are we guitarists the absolute worst about buying stuff for our stuff? Who is worse than we are?

    The total spend winners for stuff for stuff must be racing sailboats. They are effectively never-ending custom engineering projects. The winner of the top prize in sailboat racing, the America's cup, spends a few hundred mill for bragging rights, an old trophy and the right to do it all over...
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    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Probably a dumb question, but would a drum tuner be useful for ‘tap’ or ‘bonk’ testing a guitar top/body ? Anyone tried? Great thread !
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    Ramones...Blitzkrieg Bop guitar only.

    In the late 80s I too took my girlfriend to a Ramones show. Definitely not her cup of tea, but she was a real sport. She stayed well back of the mosh pit, but stuck it out to the end. She got full value at work when her co-workers asked what she did on the weekend. A Ramones show was definitely...
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    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Freeman - Thanks v much for the info on the finger planes. Will PM you or start another thread if I get far enough along to get into the details of doing an L-5 CES type archtop. Sorry for the thread hijack. Really like your approach to getting to the right thickness. Want to understand how...
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    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Freeman - Thanks, this is a great thread ! I was thinking 16", but will likely go with 17" given it will almost certainly be electric and that appears to be the size for most good quality plans. My bad for not being clear in my earlier question. In an earlier posting (the one I quoted), you...
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    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Freeman -what size do you think is 'ideal' for an archtop guitar ? I am thinking of putting Benedetto's book, archtop plans and a few key tools (e.g. thickness calipers, planes) on my Christmas wish list.
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    Is The Way To A Mans Heart Thru His Stomach?

    Your young friend is a total sport to host a young man and his friends and you are even more of one for being a player/coach. Hosting him and his friends on its own is a pretty major plus. Additional points for bravery preparing chili for a herd of young men. Hope she has good ventilation or a...
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    Fastest car in your High School 1987?

    Graduated in '84. There were lots of rich kids at my HS, but as we were in the city, few kids drove and I don't remember any nice (with one unusual exception - below) or fast cars. Most kids walked, rode their bike or took public transit. However, kids on the rowing team car-pooled at 5am -...
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    Live Devo

    Great tunes and style. I built and raced a sailing skiff (International 14 for those who care) in the mid 00s that I named "Uncontrollable Urge". Created an "Energy Dome" logo for the mainsail. Maybe I am too old to recognize it in current music, but I can't think any well-known successors to...