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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    As someone who enjoys coffee, my shortest joke is: Decaf.
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    Best cheap pedals -list on GW.

    Agreed, I would add the SD-1 to that list.
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    Ordered some flame maple...

    Looks like the 5th and the 7th piece would match up pretty nicely. Looking great!
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    Anybody ever try...

    Glitter! Go purple, don't even try to match the color.
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    Beato Signature Les Paul Special

    I could not possibly care less about Beato, hardly know who he is, but I like that guitar a lot. Something about the DC LP Specials! However, I have the P90 Gibson more than covered. I do not need or deserve another one. Dang it!
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    Well, I did it...

    You did great! That thing smokes! Very nicely done. I can see the pictures, btw.
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    Performing with Squier Mini Strat!

    I got one for my son, he picked the colors and we gave it a refin. Plays and sounds great as is, and the only upgrade I did are the tuners. My son started taking lessons two months ago, and his teacher was impressed with how it played. This happened shortly after we refinished :D:eek::lol...
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    TDPRI dating service? just got this in my inbox...

    Reply: "Wanna talk guitars, amps or pedals?"
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    My original design guitar. Pls let me know what you think

    I like it! Everything looks thoroughly thought out and executed well. Not all original designs leave that impression. Good job!
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    What are your favorite non-Fender guitars?

    Low end Gibsons: Melody Makers, Specials, DC's etc. I own a beautiful LP Standard and an SG Standard, but nothing makes me more happy than cheap flat tops with barely any finish on them.
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    Body wood comparison

    So one time I did a back-to-back comparison like this: 1. Plugged a guitar in the amp set at fairly loud - strummed and recorded a sample. 2. Removed the pickups, plugged without changing any amp settings - strummed and recorded. The difference was stunning. :P
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    Body wood comparison

    Yeah, no difference!
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    The Most Beautiful Guitar You Have a Picture Of?

    Of the ones I own, the most beautiful picture:
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    Torn between 2 Jaguars

    I agree with the above, go for the Player. I play Jags regularly and I think they have a very unique tonal range and the short scale feels quite different to play.
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    P90 fans - have you found anything else as good?

    P-90, Jazzmaster, Tele, not necessarily I that order are my favorite pickups. I don't think anything out there sounds like P90, or the other two for that mater.

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