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    Alcohol: A life ruiner

    Alcohol has wrecked my family. Those who have turned a corner on it only did so after some big shock that made them stand back and see it can't go on. Jail and hospital
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    Cold Cuts prices are crazy

    Guy who used to work for me said he never bought chicken fillets as a whole chicken was cheaper. Rip the breast out in a second and roast the rest Processing your own food saves a lot and tastes better
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    Fender Deluxe Reverb vs Fender Twin Reverb

    Something marvellous about a Twin Reverb. Bit like owning your own aircraft carrier
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    Selling my '73 Tele - is this a mistake?

    I think there are a few questions here I think if you don't love it sell it I think the other question is whether this will be worth billions in the future and you missed out. No one will truly know that. Inflation is increasing asset prices, yes, but will a guitar appreciate in price as much...
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    American Special poly vs Vintera Road Worn ‘50s nitro

    When I buy a used guitar, if I sell it, I tend to get quite a lot more than I sold it for As for buying new, whatever I think is the best quality, the market also tends to figure that out too. Bajas and Martins. Though in truth I try to ignore the money and get the best for me
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    The Tesla roof, something similar and storage - anyone here have it or similar?

    No insight from me apart from how I love the fact this site has such knowledge to hand that you couldn't get from 10 dodgy tradesmen turning up Hope to reference this thread in the future when people say things like 'why are you seeking heat pump recommendations in a guitar website?'
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    NGD: Squier SP-1

    I like 12 fret guitars. No desire for a laminate though
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    Need tips on making my heavy Strat much lighter

    If I had a guitar I wasn't attached to I would sell it to someone who would like it Most modifications just make things worse in my experience. Someone did a good job designing things as they were, and if you don't like it that way, move it on If you enjoy the work, fine, but mostly it isn't...
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    I am not actually interested in cosplay, just wondered what the motivation was. I just see some people making a really big effort to do something I didn't feel I understood, hence opening the subject on here. I don't look up or down on it, but some people have been so defensive I presume they...
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    Is this a reference to the fact he is always without clothing on his lower half
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    I think that's a step beyond the cosplay I am asking about but it probably has a similar root
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    This might now be my favourite post in this thread There is no prize for this
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    Credit card Thief buys 10 Les Pauls

    what do you think really happened? I work in fraud investigation, and this sounds exactly like the sort of thing that happens (subject to journalists writing things up and getting it all backwards)
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    Hello from new builder.

    A lot of the Americans on here won't know the significance of the word Yorkshire, so I will again repeat the Barry Cryer joke of 'never ask a man if he is from Yorkshire - because if he is, he will have already told you' I lived in Leeds for 3 years 92-95 - welcome to the site. If you want to...
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    Whilst I confess to being wonderful, I honestly didn't do this to attack anyone's form of hobby. I could just see that some people are REALLY into it, and I wonder what they got out of it. Some of these replies have been very defensive, in a way that I don't think they would have been if I asked...