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    How to make you amp work, Jeff Beck method

    He was taking a cue from Townshend in this film.
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    Hand tingling and numbness/ Posture

    Especially if you lean on your elbow when talking on the phone. Another possibillity is peripheral neuropathy. It's more common that doctors think because the onset can be really slow and as we age it sneaks up on us.
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    Late 50s/Early 60s mystery song

    Try the Shazam app.
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    Travel guitar and/or flying with a guitar

    I was traveling around the world a lot from the 80s to the early 2000s. In 1991 I got a Steinberger and paired it with a Rockman X100 headphone amp, and it was the perfect travel guitar. The padded gig bag held everything and fit easily in the overhead. The stock HSH EMG Select pickups were...
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    Let's build a hopped-up Champ-ish thing

    Nice! A nibbler tool is what I use on steel and aluminum chasses to cut weird shapes like the IEC socket port. Works great.
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    How to get valve chart off in one piece

    @Trogdor69 Before you do anything, take some square-on HQ photos of the label. In the event you destroy it trying to remove it, you'll be able to have the photo printed in photo quality and it will look close to original. Based on what I know about Fender's processes in the 60s, for the tube...
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    Thinking about a car lift for the new garage.

    A pal of mine has a four-post Wildfire lift in his garage. It's free-standing, electric, and extremely well built. The really cool thing about it is it has LED lighting built in to light up the underside of the vehicle. An add-on he got for it is a traveling jack that rolls forward and...
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    I have some really nice ones, including this 2003 CS '63 Tele. It is a tone beast! But the one I tend to pick up the most is this homebrew ash-bodied Esquire with a T90 pickup (P90 in a Tele bridge package). Warmoth '59 neck and stainless steel 6100 fret wire. No need for a switch; it has...
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    Nerdy humbucker construction question

    They are part of the molding process.
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    Luthier guitar show yesterday

    @schmee WOW! Thanks for posting!
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    Paul Reed Smith owners unite.

    @brookdalebill That looks GREAT with the Abalama dots on the neck :cool:
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    General bridge questions

    This may help.
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    So what does position 2 with a bridge humbucker sound like?

    That is a really good assessment. One thing you can do is split the coils of the bridge humbucker (you'll need a 4-wire pickup) to get you really close to the original Strat quack from position 2. PRS achieves this on the Fiore model by providing a parallel switch on the bridge humbucker...
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    help please..

    It could be several things. Start simple. Unplug the amp. Gently remove each tube one at a time and reinsert it (mind the orientation--they go in one way only). Try the amp. If re-seating the tubes like this doesn't fix the issue, an amp tech is probably in your future. Another simple...
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    Paul Reed Smith owners unite.

    Here's another one from my quiver...a Fiore L1. This is the sig model for Mark Lettieri of Snarky Puppy (and other projects). 25.5" scale, chunky neck, and 7.3 lbs. Stays in perfect tune, even when wanquing away on the talent lever. On the surface, these look like an SSH version of the Mayer...