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    Pickup Choices are Soooo Confusing!

    The irony will be that you will get a bunch of different suggestions here, all of them good and earnest. And that will muddy the waters all the more. There are lots of good choices. But have you learned how a basic Tele "works?" You set the amp for a bright, clean neck pickup tone, and then...
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    Ordered the new Universal Audio Ruby

    I've had the Ruby for about a month. I've gigged it twice. My previous rig was a PodGo and a Humboldt Simplifier. It's not a fair contest for amp tones. The Ruby wins. It's simple and limited, a little, but it just sounds great. I've owned AC30-style amps for years.
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    A bridge's relation to tone

    Sure, it matters. I have a basket-case 70's Les Paul that I played for quite a while with a standard tune-o-matic setup. I fiddled with the TOM retainer spring, tried a Nashville bridge, and so on. I took a chance and put a wraparound bridge in place of the TOM and stop tailpiece. It made a big...
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    They'll never be another SRV.

    I'm skeptical about the first reaction videos. And, like another person mentioned, why would I watch a stranger's reaction to something new in a video? Weird. And SRV was intense. Try to play a set of his material with the same energy. I can't do it.
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    What are some good old man jobs

    Teaching of some kind. It's not stress-free, obviously-- but the kids and the community need you.
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    Stepping in for a another guitarist. Proper decorum.

    I am on the other side of the coin. I recently cut a piece of my fretting hand index finger off. A really nice fella, who is a wonderful player, sat in last Saturday night and will likely do so again this Saturday. I watched him last week and loved what he did. I was happy that he felt...
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    Is it possible to take off some windings from an existing pickup?

    Removing a single magnet can make your neck pickup a little brighter. I've done it on a p90 goldtop. On a p90 LP Special I have, I installed a bass cut in place of the standard treble rolloff in the tone circuit of my neck pickup. Both are far easier than unwinding a pickup or, in the case of...
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    NGD - SE 245 STD

    This guitar has my attention. I want a twin humbucking guitar with a wraparound bridge and independent controls for tone and volume for both p'ups. The only ones Gibson makes are ridiculously expensive. I keep wondering if I should just build what I want or get the PRS 245...
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    I don't want to sharpen my knives

    Not wanting to sharpen a knife is like not wanting to change strings on a guitar when you've only broke one. Just change them, fool. A dull knife is a dangerous knife. Those gadgets that sharpen knives on a block by pulling them out are worthless. Get one of those things that has carbide...
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    I'm an idiot

    Oh, I'm not worried about busting the main supply line to the house. I've done that lots of times w/o incident. But the hose bib might be soldered, it might be threaded. Removing it will be a bear, as we don't have a basement. My access is in front of the brick wall or through the drywall on the...
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    I'm an idiot

    I'm ready to tackle leaking hose bibs when it gets a bit warmer. I'll have to cut the water off to the house, disassemble and pray I don't break a pipe, haul ass to the hardware store to get the right parts, reassemble and then turn the water back on... I might just buy an assortment of packing...
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    Are Jazzmaster Pickups Typically Very Bright?

    They are not suitable for the jazz of their day, as the name suggests. And that is because they are too bright. I find them to be a little warmer than Strats and Teles, but not by a lot.
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    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    There are some obvious choices, like Duane Allman and Sonny Landreth. But lately, I've been working on some of George Harrison's slide playing post-Beatles. His approach is so unique. I also love Bonnie Raitt's slide work.

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