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    It finally happened… NGD 63’ Telecaster

    What does it weigh?
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    Clarence Carter

    I Can't Leave Your Love Alone is slightly Drift Away-ish on the lead... Reggie Young?
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    Clarence Carter

    How many guitar players, two? Recall reading there was shifting personnel in guitar chair at Muscle Shoals throughout '60s... and release date isn't same as recording date sometimes.
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    Chuck Berry - Deep Feeling

    Is it time for the discussion of Chuck's overdub technique, and perhaps studio/gear? Ampex 3-track mono tape recorder? Don't know, I'm guessing here. From Johnny B Goode seems he'd play an intro and then straight rhythm till the end of the bed tracks. Mabellene, earlier, seems to be one guitar...
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    Clueless Question: Playing bass through my guitar rig? Dangerous?

    Amp maybe but guitar speakers... idea is that bass stresses the g speaker voice coil, causing it to lose impedance more and more as it heats up. Your amp will "think" it is running into less and less ohms, then an open short. FWIW a BluesJr hooked to a bass speaker sounds kind of ok.
  6. pbenn Tele fell face down!

    Good thing it wasn't a Gibson....
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    Does Fendr Blues Junior IV have bad treble?

    How big is your room/playing area? BJ unless way low on MV is too loud for a condo/apt. How often do you change strings? IME BJ likes one-year-old pure nickel strings like D'Addario. How high are your pickups? Maybe too high. Check Ask Zac's setup video.
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    Seasonal songs that are just a little bit different from the regular standards.

    Three pages, and no-one's posted this whole album yet?
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    Fender Broadcaster from 1950 (no reissue) presented by Vintage Guitar Oldenburg and Tobias Hoffmann

    So this is the Blend circuit, Neck pickup position is straight through? Those pickups are high, Neck looks completely unraked.
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    Isn't it amazing anyone plays in bands anymore?

    The change might be: Free rehearsal space ('80s recession) vs $250/mo paid rehearsal space (now). Side effect of real estate values, unwanted books and furniture on the curb.
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    Being a good rhythm player requires more theory than lead.

    Just one source, but Guitar Player mag Nov 2001, p 146, Bob Balsley and Jude Gold "Killer Comping" Chops Builder lesson might help.
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    White Pick Guard? Or Black Guard the way Leo and God intended?

    It's subtle, but a post-'55 string tree location looks weird imo without a black guard.
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    New Body or New Guitar, '52 Hot Rod Advice Needed!

    Canadian here. From a cursory look at the market, it seems easier to get a body made in Canada than a neck miC. And domestic sourcing saves you exchange and duty, poss even shipping. As someone said above, keeping the stock 52HR body allows you an eventual resale option. I think you should go...
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    What if… the telecaster was not the first 6 string guitar Fender made?

    Instead of "belly cut," why not call it a "rib cut," because that's where the Tele top edge gets me.
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    Strings rolling off the edge of neck

    I vote: cut a new nut.