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    Has "That Pedal Show" Jumped The Shark?

    I wish they'd do shorter shows. But I still like them.
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    Darn it, back in the hospital again.

    Hang in there, man! Good vibes to you.
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    Stereo Amp has 2 twenty watt power amps

    My stereo amp is a Rivera S120-210. It has two 60 watt power amps each feeding a single ten inch speaker. There is an effects loop on the back coming off the preamp feeding each power amp. I usually plug a TC G-Major 2 into the loop and see what weird sounds I can create. It also has an onboard...
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    Digitech Pedal Owners Club

    Earlier this year I bought a RP 360 just to have to jam with recordings. Since then I've used it for gigs and recording. I wish that it was still supported and there were upgrades available, but it does most of what I need it to do. I run it into my studio monitors and it sounds especially good...
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    Landmark guitar solos

    This has been a landmark recording for me. I still find new things in it and I've been listening to it since it was released.
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    I can’t play Strats anymore (not by choice). Teles are tough too!

    I have a bunch of nice guitars, but lately I'm playing my MIM Strat almost exclusively. Maybe it's because I'm using lighter strings on it (DAD EXL 120+). But I practice on it, gig with it and it just feels like home to me. And the sound I get is pleasing to the ear. I mean to pull out some...
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    License Plate English

    Out loud, say the car brand followed by the words on the license plate.
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    What are your thoughts on reamping guitars?

    In my experience, I try for a keeper track, but I would also record a straight track to experiment with. I've reamped bass parts run back through my bass rig. It was a little odd, but it allowed us to get the sound of the bass really dialed in to fit the mix with the rest of the band. I think we...
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    Iz the webcam on yer computer being hacked?

    I don't have a camera on my computer, but I'm suspicious of my cell phone. How else would things said in casual private conversation show up as ads?
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    John Doe: More Fun in the New World

    A friend and I were out for breakfast a year or so ago and we noticed a group of guys at another table who looked like they were lacking sleep and had to be road dogs. As we were leaving, I stopped at their table and said, "OK, you guys must be a band who are you?" And the leader said "We're the...
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    Strange really that when talking about Rock N Roll legends nobody mentions Bill Haley.

    Once I heard the original of "Shake Rattle and Roll" by Big Joe Turner Bill just seemed on the lightweight side. But his contributions to early rock 'n' roll can't be denied.
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    Desert Rose Band

    John Jorgensen is one of my Facebook friends. I've loved his playing since the DRB. I was glad that band was successful as I loved The Byrds and it made me happy to see Chris get successful post that band, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Manassas.
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    License Plate English

    There was a Datsun in SF that had the plate ICE CAR.
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    Anyone read this book?

    Well, there you go! :D