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    NAD Victoria Chicago Lux

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sell my SF Princeton and buy an Ivy League, which is apparently the same circuit without vibrato
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    More headroom Fender Deluxe Reverb

    I had one modded with 6L6 tubes and an Eminence Delta and it was perfect for me, but clean af... jazz style amp... like having a Henriksen with tubes
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    Any Strymon Iridium users?

    I have one, but I've only used it for recording and plugged into the interface, through studio monitors, i bought it used for $300 and could not be happier...Playing a modeler is still not as fun as playing an amp... but listening back to mixes, it sounds wonderful... what I think is kind of...
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    Budda Bud-Wah…..thoughts?

    I had one, loved it, but I barely use wah, it's the best imo
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    Dr Z amps general question

    I'm just looking for new sounds, I'd prefer a 12" combo, I'd prefer to be able to dial in mids and possibly get a little meaner at lower volumes
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    Dr Z amps general question

    As far as problems, I don't really have one, GAS is more like chasing your tail, and hopefully having fun along the way... I'm just looking for something a bit different from a pure blackface type sound at this point. I'm also looking at a bunch of other stuff... Victoria Ivy League looks...
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    Dr Z amps general question

    The Jetta is something I'm really interested in because I love the old Ampegs, and this seems to be similar, a nice clean pedal platform with more mids than a blackface, and would be a good simple amp that covers all the bases, from gigs to bedroom and recording
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    Chronic pain for musicians

    I just got back from the PT office, where I found out my shoulder is damaged from years of bartending, and also arthritis, luckily it only affects my guitar playing here and there, but playing an acoustic is hard, I seem to need to play contoured body electrics most of the time, even my 335...
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    Dr Z amps general question

    I'm going to sell my Princeton Reverb soon, and I keep looking into Dr Z amps, but almost every demo I listen to on youtube have these very heavy handed, very bright sounds, where the players seem to be playing with tons of attitude and just super raw feeling... is this basically how these amps...
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    Saw J Campilongo last night in Berkeley

    Rockwood, yeah, that's it... I used to live down there too, lol
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    VOX Pathfinder insanity

    damn, i got mine for $80 i think
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    Supro Delta King 10 thoughts?

    I always wanted to try a stereo setup with those two amps, but I only have one of them
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    Supro Delta King 10 thoughts?

    He is certainly getting some nice tones from it!
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    Anyone use the second input of your amp?

    I use the 2nd input of my PR for Humbuckers often, if you play jazzier stuff, turning the volume way up, and plug into the 2nd input and lowering the guitars volume is really a good sound
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    Saw J Campilongo last night in Berkeley

    I've been meaning to catch his gig, can't think of the name of that venue in the Lower East Side, but I hope he is still doing it, because I'm free on Mondays