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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    Bill Haley & The Comets (Rock Around The Clock). I was 12...
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    USA Tele’s and Strat’s vs made in other countries

    Here in Europe we are blessed with the existence of excellent electric guitars manufacturers like Vigier, Marceau, Maybach, Duesenberg... Our choice is therefore rather varied between buying local, American or Asian! ;) :)
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    NGD Tom Anderson T-Icon Translucent Blonde

    What a beauty! Enough to make a lot of us drool...
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    Part time Ninja, possibly a superhero.

    1) Superheroes don't play guitar (Steve Vai is an exception, perhaps) 2) Rocking chairs are the hereditary enemies of guitars
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    Things your parents call you.

    Impossible to reveal in public... sorry!
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    Greatings from south of France

    Bienvenue à TDPRI de la part d'un voisin!
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    Pickup Suggestions for an LP Studio?

    Di Marzio 36th Anniversary are excellent humbuckers (and a real bargain).
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    Just freaking amazing! don't miss this

    To see him play I'm sure he's the one who wore his guitar like that... It's a good powerful trio. Thank you!
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    American Original 70's Telecaster Custom in Collection

    what a beautiful instrument!
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    Band-In-A-Box - ?

    I use it a lot to study jazz improvisation. The band is never tired to start again and again the same part of a tune! And it's so easy to change the key or the speed of the song you're working on...
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    Fatten up my tone

    Use a thicker pick (or play with the flesh of your fingertips, not your nails)...
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    I Hate My Tone!!!!

    Change your way of playing (fingerstyle vs pick, gently, softly, etc.). Find a tone you like with a simple setting (guitar+amp). I believe you can find nice tones on any piece of gear, just depends on how you play...
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    Undervalued Amps to Buy Now

    Every old Laney tube amp is a great deal. It's such an underrated brand... until now!
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    King of all instruments

    It's hard to hit the road with a piano on your back...
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    Let me know what you think....

    Exactly! Feelgood music.

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