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    Things to Quit Saying

    I'm just sayin'..... Ya know what I'm sayin'? No!I don't know what you're saying! But please, stop saying it!
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    Amp with the most Tubes?

    I don't remember what the amp was, but this was guy setting up for an afternoon set at a beach bar, as I was leaving I saw the back of his amp and did a severe double take, walked over and it had 8 6L6's in it! I was like Holey Crap! I gotta get out of here before he fires this thing up! o_O...
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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Trying to post a short video from Saturday's VFW gig. Love them Line Dancer Girls!
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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    Did a VFW Fundraiser Benefit last night. Really fun gig. Dance floor was hopping!
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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    Tone Master Twin? After 2 years of steady giging, our lead player is still loving his.
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    What song is this?

    I recognize it too, but... dammmmm...
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    Overnight flights suck

    Ain't no way I can sleep sitting up. Just won't happen, no matter how hard I try. I've done the red eye thing a number of times and yes, They Suck! I loose the next day. Hopefully. I'll never have to do another one again.
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    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    I've always been a little jealous of bands that could go without a set list, calling the tune on the fly. Me, I end up going "Um...what song do you want to do? Um..." Getting the other band members set for the next song on the fly like that has been tough when I do change it up from the set...
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    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    We find pre-configured set lists are the way to go for us. Special requests mess that up, but we handle it. I use a set list app (Orpheus), set up prior to every gig. Before one song ends, I've already got the next song's sheet up on my tablet. No dead air, no searching for songs. That is...
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    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    At 65 years old, I been singing in the bars for over 45 years. I've learned and forgotten hundreds of songs. My memory ain't what it once was, but I've earned the right to use a dammed tablet if I want to. I'm still, constantly learning new songs. It's what keeps me going. Yea I learn the...
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    Fuel prices

    Diesel hit 6 bucks here yesterday. :mad: I feel it's the end of the world as we know it. 🤬
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    South Jersey Country, 4/29/22

    Wow @Joefish , what a great review! You can't know how much I appreciate that. Warms my heart. Yea, our lead player, Lou Ceceri, he's something special ain't he. The South Jersey king of the double stops. The Chicken Pickin' King. You even used the term Monster. It's a real privilege to play...
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    South Jersey Country, 4/29/22

    We stay pretty close to home. Once a month gigging is enough at this age.
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    South Jersey Country, 4/29/22

    Tonight Only! Golden Nugget Tavern, Berlin, NJ 08009 Atlantic Train Co. (ATCo) Country Music! Swing and Line Dancing. Yes, that's a Brent Mason Telecaster. Tone Master Twin on the left, Tone Master Deluxe on the right.
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    Songs With Surprisingly Bizarre Lyrics

    The original "WTF? Are you on acid?" song: We skipped the light fandango Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor I was feeling kinda seasick The crowd called out for more And so it was that later As the miller told his tale That her face, at first just ghostly Turned a whiter shade of pale 1967