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    My first speaker cab build - D style!

    nice cab love the suede now go build some more;)
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    pickups, the rabbit hole

    fender ov pickups are great pickups and you can always buy used very cheaply
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    Best live tone you've ever heard?

    zz top during the ellimanator tour sounded just so good also leslie west when he was in mountain the first time i saw him play the hair on the back of my neck stood up and tears rolled down my face the tone and sustain he was getting out of that lp jr was so thick you could almost chew on it...
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    NGD 2001 American Series Designer Edition Silver Sparkle

    came with fender oridginal vintage pickups
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    Increasing potentiometer values for overwound pickups

    if you want the classic tele tone get yourself a used set of fender o v pickups stick to the 250 pots
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    Fender Custom Shop Strummer Esquire

    Do anyone apart from me think fender are takin the piss here
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    I’m the New Dude...

    hi dude and welcome:) that burncaster is some messed up guitar no way would my missus let me bring that in the house;)love it
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    Your Favorite Things

    sex drugs and rock n roll are just a few of my favs. oh i nearly forgot i also i just love telecasters/esquires mmm
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    look like scones to me use the same ingrediants that we use to make scones and cooked the same way. custard creams and rich tea and chocolate hobnobs are wat we call biscuits
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    I bought this guitar 30 years ago today:

    i still have a satalite les paul copy bought from a freemans catalog in 1978 for witch i paid £4 a week the guitar was crap then and still crap now people dont realize just how lucky thay are to have such a vast choice of guitars to buy for under £150 you can get yourself a nice guitar
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    NGD or the day I sold my Katana!

    dont the cv tele come supplied with tone rider pickups nice to see another city boy on the forum nice setup your got there wats the amp like
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    Bought new guitar arrived in this conditions what should I do ?

    my guess is this guitar has been returned before i no of several places that will keep sending guitars out like this because they know a lot of people dont like to say anything. if i was you id send it back but first id ask for a large discount you will be surprized how often they comply and...
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    Need help with staining!!

    paint it sanding all that off will take you ages