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    Mid 80's Tele High Mass bridge

    Pretty unusual bridge alright and hard to imagine on what grounds it saw the light of day on a production guitar. Most teles of the Dan Smith era had back load, high mass bridges such as this one. Not many at all were split like the example above. The Teles with this bridge were called...
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    Minor String Gauge Effect on Intonation

    While using those gauges of strings your finger pressure will have way more effect on intonation than the guitars settings. You will be able to pull those skinny little strings sharp just by looking at them too intensely.
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    Lace guitar finish

    For the LP type. As I understand it a printed decal is laid over the surface and buried under clear topcoat finish. I have heard of real fabric being used also. In the case of real fabric huge amounts of lacquer is reqired to bury it completely. I'm afraid I respectfully have to say I'm not a...
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    Mexican Deluxe Tele Build Troubles

    Now you have to get out the ruler, pencil and some tape. First get the Terry Downs drawing here: Print it out and measure up the black tele and see how it squares up to the dimension in the drawing. The critical...
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    Mexican Deluxe Tele Build Troubles

    Posts live or die by the pics that are or are not provided to illustrate the problem. Your description is long and not entirely clear without careful reading. FYI: The guard has to butt up against the heel of the neck, not the fingerboard extension. A standard guard will leave a gap between a...
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    3-D printed full neck pocket shims - viable solution?

    Uhm did I miss something? Whi's knocking tradition and workmanship?
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    3-D printed full neck pocket shims - viable solution?

    Its a waste of material, elecricity and machinery. Some of the most expensive teles ever were shimmed with a piece of a cigarette packet torn off and put under the heel to get a little more angle. If you want to go more high tech use a slice of veneer or a section of brass shim. Those fancy...
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    Arlo mod mod

    Have had this topic danced around before but no definitive answer - so once again, this time in regard to the Esquire version which is shown below. I'd like to make the effect a little more extreme eg less highs less lows. Would I increase the value of the .0047 cap [to ground] to say .01 or...
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    Esquire body dimensions - working drawing?

    I'm looking at an Esquire repro project and would like to use early 50's specs. I haven't discounted the idea of building it like the earliest model using two 19mm slabs of dressed pine glued in a sandwich config. If a blueprint isn't available some core questions need confirmation: Body...
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    Preferred Aftermarket Neck Brand?

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    can you with use of a switch chose from modern to 50s wiring

    After you've wired it all up I am pretty sure you will hear no difference. It's a safe $100 bet that out in front of a band, a punter would not pick the difference either. There are way more interesting things to do with a push pull switch.
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    Any advice on installing a skunk stripe in back of neck to get rid of truss rod rattle?

    When this neck was built the strip was not installed correctly or wood has shrunk. You'll need to loosen off the truss rod until no tension remains. Clamp in your new strip tight so the truss rod is bearing hard against the fingerboard. The rattle will disappear once the glue has gone off. I use...
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    Popping and signal loss at output Jack

    "I usually just wiggle it to find a spot that it works" "I finally took it apart and put in a switchcraft Jack along with all new electronics. Still the same problem" Your input jack or jackplate is loose. There should be no wiggle there at all. If it is wiggling it will be touching the...
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    Both h.bucker pickups in series - mini switch

    Pickups are: Tonerider generator bridge Tonerider rocksong neck Both 4 conductor + bare ground. Jury is out on dark/muddy Some say yes, others no. I'll backpost on my result A wiring diagram would be helpful Many thanks
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    Both h.bucker pickups in series - mini switch

    Using a three way toggle as selector switch. I'd like to be able to run both humbuckers in either series or parralel. I already have parralel when the toggle is in the middle position. I'd like to use a mini toggle to switch the pickups from parralel into series mode when middle position is...