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    ID help

    Hi I found this awesome neck through Stratocaster with no identifying marks. Three peas neck through with two wings which I believe our koa. Although I’m not an expert. Has an old Schecter vibe but I am just at a loss for a manufacturer here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. I haven’t been...
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    Pick up identification mystery Cream?

    Hi. Been a long time. Got this in the mail today. Any clue who Made the pup?
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    Protone Esquire

    How it came to be. If you look at that pic (above) of the protone collection (I have had a few) I took the two teles there and swapped the necks, maple on the solid and rosewood board on the thinline (actually worked much better this way). Then I was thinking about going 52 on the solid body...
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    Protone Esquire

    Raf is selling back to me. I built this baby. I needed money back when I sold it. He graciously offered to sell back for what he paid. I am very grateful. Thanks Raf. TDPRIers are the best!
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    Tele bridge pickups in strat?

    I just did this mod today. An old squier pup. Has a brass plate on the body, it sounds pretty cool.
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    Donated parts tele build

    and it seems I am getting more people wanting to give me stuff. What I may do is if I wind up with an overload of stuff I may build a donation caster v1.2 and give it for the TDPRI giveaway...
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    Donated parts tele build

    Hi all. I posted in the 'parts wanted' sections that I can't justify a purchase when money is so tight, not something I would do to my family. I asked for donations of parts, I figured I would build one instead of buy one- my guitars have been sold and I have nothing to plink on. I was thinking...
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    "E" series MIJ. First tele, first post.

    E series guitars are fantastic! Enjoy, you scored!
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    A few questions about Esquires

    I had a protone squire (2 actually) and stripped the thick finish off, swapped the neck so it was a maple board neck and solid ash beauty, nitro'd it and wired in a SD Broadcaster ala esquire via the duncan website using crappy radio shack caps and resistors. I LOVED that guitar and sold it to a...
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    Do I need another Tele?

    Get a tele w the classic tele kinda pup with the brass plate and all that. The Schecters are great, but I think although similar DNA, its a different beast. Like your Schecter you may find the classic style telecaster very versatile. Oh, and a esquire is always a great option too.
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    Tom Petty's gear??

    what about the offset tele shaped guitar- I think it was black and double bound. Always loved the look of that guit.
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    New Addition

    Hi- been around since this was the TDP- no RI. Lurking mostly these days. Just got an 85 Schecter Saturn aka PT pete townshend. view the album
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    Best Epi Les Paul?

    I had a Slash epi LP in Tobacco Burst- man I regret selling that. Had a long neck tenon- wicked sustain, mohog body, maple top, long neck tenon for that LP sustain and duncan AlNiCo Pro IIs. Needed nothing- all REAL LP. Grab one if you can find one and try it. Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, all those...
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    NAD - Peavey Triumph 60

    one of my faves I have one, did the mods. Put a old celestion g12h100 in it, Put the scorpion back in. This amp absolutely kills. I did the tone mods as well, BIG difference. However I recently got a rivera r30 in trade for some other things, and the peavey is going to be on the way out, I...