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    Ugliest Band Ever

    It's a fun not offensive thread, as shown by the amount of replies, If not ugly then how many guys are pretty? I think what this thread really points out is how many managers didn't think it was important to hire a " stylist " just show up to a photo shoot in whatever clothes you have and...
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    (Belated) New Amp Day - '84 Fender Super Champ

    I have a super champ with no spare 6c10 , [ I see my mystery tube is a 6k11 light grey printing on the top, slight scorch marks on the top, no idea if it works though it seems the compactrons don't fail too often ? ] That's another point, in this current tube crisis, I've also been considering...
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    (Belated) New Amp Day - '84 Fender Super Champ

    this could be another thread, I need a back up 6C10 , and or another super champ! I have a tube that looks like a 6C10 but the printing is completely gone so I have no idea what it is
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    Peavey TransTube Studio Pro 112 any good?

    I know it's been a couple of years, But does anyone find the overdrive channel too hissy or noisy ? I see a used one for sale locally and the seller mentions this.
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    Tried a Mesa Mark V

    I was coveting the mk V , but recently too many fet switching problems on other mesa amps has me NOT trusting any modern mesa, after years of reliable service a friend's roadKing is now in it's third recovery, fix it, works.... craps out again, how many times do you go to the well? or what is a...
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    HSS Strats

    Before Fender started doing it, it was the most popular mod changing the bridge p/u to a humbucker , no?
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    What’s the diff between mim and Mia Tele’s?

    Do they both have the same bridge spacing ? [ is it 55mm & 50 mm ? ] Is it only asian strats that have the more narrow bridge ?
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    Are you seeing short hour gigs?

    With covid restrictions, say at 50 % the bar decides it will only pay the band 1/2 the usual
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    Dedicated pedals or a modeler?

    And then there's just plain economics , Let's say 10 pedals at an arbitrary 100.00 each that's a grand then board of some sort cables psu , maybe a switcher. I liken it to home recording where they can sell smaller items one at a time, so a couple hundred is nothing compared to 2K in parts...
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    I inherited lots of tubes

    Google each tube individually, there's microphones & Recording gear that use no longer produced tubes those would be worth something.
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    Joe Bonamassa - what's the deal with him?

    Some players are truly great, others Have good hussle!
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    Joe Bonamassa - what's the deal with him?

    Love him or hate him I find him fairly polished not a bad singer either but not very original. Someone Like Gary Moore came by it honestly, Joe .....He set out to be ProFessional blues player, and what's his face mayer , Well, If he never had a pop hit, you know the rest of that story
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    Boutique builders that aren't SMT

    never mind smt or through hole, how about [ how ] original ? how many variations can they sell? or add feature sets to make them look different when under the hood ..........
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    How Much Fret Wear Do You See?

    Brian May I believe has a light touch with his metal coin, but highly depends on how well you hear yourself, don't use an electric to play acoustically like with the tv, or if you have a low gain amp wacking the crap out of the gtr for more level , also check the pick up height
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    The switch is too close to volume knob. Is this really a common complaint?

    I'm new to teles and have a cheap one for contrast, but yeah getting under the switch to flip it bugs me I hit the volume knob , good thing I don't use it live! I intend to order one of the angled switch plates