Octave Doctor

About 25 of them--mostly guitars I've rebuilt.
1972 Gurian S3M, '60's Harmony 12 string, Pro Tone Strat, Hamer SBFT, Washburn MG-44, MIM Standard Tele, Peavey Predator and T-40 Bass.

Photography, Macs, and Beer.
Morgantown, WV.
Your amps and other gear
I tinker with amps too: Curbside Upgrade Crate VC3112, Rocktron R50C, Rehoused Peavey Studio Pro 65 w/G12m70, Fender Sidekick Reverb 25, various Bogen and Knight-kit PA heads, various pedals and a couple modeling FX.
Musical Instrument Repairman

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