"Retired" early from the Silicon Valley rat race. Remote living 9 miles from tiny town for 19 years.
We live off the grid, so electricity from my homemade hydro power plant limits the number of hours I can play on an amp in the cabin.

Building a timber frame house using wood off of our property and used windows/doors. Cook on a wood cookstove that heats our water during the winter and use a batch solar water heater for summertime use.

Hunt, flyfish, cross country ski, snowshoe, canoeing.

Wife plays bass and gets regular GAS, just like me. Our vacations and trips always include guitar stores. Always. She is getting into guitar now, so we are having lots of fun sharing the same interest.
Your amps and other gear
Champ 12, VHT S6U and Greta. Main pedal board and a mini Grab 'n Go pedalboard.
Gig with acoustic group.
MIM FSR BSB, MIM strat, Epi MIK Sheraton II, '81 Yamaha SG800S, Epi EL-00 Pro, Eastman E10P parlor, Epi Allen Woody bass.
Retired, but building a timber frame house.


If you are not living authentically, then you are not living.:cool:
“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Eliot


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