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    So I mentioned Orange County Choppers recently and how fake that show was...

    Using cheap parts and a fancy paint job to make something that is more for looks than to be a quality product. Sounds like how I build guitars. Of course I don't have all that contrived (and annoying) family drama.
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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    "For this new line of gear, what do you think of calling it 'Placentia'?" "I think that's a terrible name." "Oh.... Wow. This is awkward. I already ordered the decals, store signage and t-shirts". "This might be a good time to discuss your impulse buying habits when you've been drinking."
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    Wilt Chamberlain & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Airline Commerical

    Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.
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    What crazy guitar would you like to own some day?

    Stump Preacher or Klein Weird, since I don't really go for headless guitars
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    Need wall art for the home office

    I was thinking of a full size framed print of a guitar blueprint pdf.
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    Is there a guitar you would like to buy, but doesn't exist?

    Not sure if it exists but a baritone XII jazzmaster. Maybe a Bass XII, a 12 string version of a Bass VI. Not sure if the neck would hold that much string tension for either of these. Veillette did offer a Bari 12 but I never heard if there was neck problems.
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    I was in a restaurant that had a sign "Breakfast Any Time", so I ordered French toast during the Renaissance. (Stephen Wright) "All day breakfast "? I don't have time for that. (ibid)
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    McCartney's 1960 LH LP Burst, or his legendary Hofner Violin Bass?

    I'd say the Hofner. Many who don't know about guitars, basses recognize it. I would even say most cartoonists and caricature artists who don't know gear draw Paul with it.
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    Stupid person Crashes Ford GT

    My thought process: Idiot? That sounds a bit harsh- (reads headline) Oh, the OP is quoting the article. Still, that's a bit... (reads article). Yeah, what an idiot.
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    Extremely Long Songs or Songs Meant to be Played in Order as One Piece of music That You Love?

    Excellent choices. I would add "Crises". Not as good as the others but still worth a listen. For a bit I listened to a classic rock station and on Sundays they would play more "deep cuts". When they would play "Long Distance " they would go into "The Fish" but use it as background for the...
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    Subway rant - as if you need me to tell you

    Is my brain remembering wrong or was the food better years back? I remember first discovered Subway, the sandwiches had a different consistency, were cut differently, tasted better and the steak and cheese was a better quality. Then it seems sometime during the 90s they switched things around...
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    Extremely Long Songs or Songs Meant to be Played in Order as One Piece of music That You Love?

    Genesis "Supper's Ready" I had 3 versions on my phone and lived almost exactly the right distance from work to hear it on my morning commute. Rush 2112.
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    Favorite Band Name?

    Dick Duck and the Dorks Lez Zeppelin Dead Kennedys Our Souls Favourite album name: The Meatmen "We're The Meatmen And You Suck"
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    Well worth a listen

    I am another that likes his singing in the right song. If it's not in the right song, he is annoying. Good: I Keep Forgetting, Taking It To The Streets, his vocals on Steely Dan songs Annoying: Ya Mo Be There, It Keeps You Running, and pretty much everything he's done since 1984 or so. Plus...
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    Weapon Recoil and Noise

    I suggest you go to youtube and wikipedia to look up shotgun types. When you say "automatic shotgun ", do you mean a shotgun that fires many rounds per second? Also, I think a search for "shotgun dB level " and a list of various dB levels would be useful. Give you a comparison noise to give...

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