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    What's better than a New Guitar Day?

    Or the other end of the spectrum, New Girlfriend day.
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    Any Tips on Tightening Pots?

    Star washer, 1/4" drive socket, Nutdriver handle for socket. Or just a standard nutdriver if you have them in the correct sizes. Even with just the nutdriver, "firm" is tight enough. Don't overdo it. Hold the pot with your hand - once the washer bites it will stay in the same place.
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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    While noting up front that I haven't tried the later issue Epi P90's, the ones you speak of are a well-kept secret of tone goodliness. I have a pair that are a decade or so old. They outplay Gibsons P90's. Cork sniffers will disagree, but they do the job and then some.
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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    I have to chuckle a bit here... those early pickups that everyone worships were made up of whatever parts Leo could get at a cheap price. They were wound on far less than precise machines and the winding stopped when the operator thought it was time to stop. Variations were huge... and time has...
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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    Exactly. I know this is a Tele group... but from the Gibson side, for example, how many guys swap their HB's but have never once adjusted the pole pieces in their current pickups. Same for most of the other sound components you mention. Have they checked to see what a pot change on the volume...
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    Frontman 25R club

    I bought a few of these with a plan to do a head and two matching cabs. Like a Marshall mini-stack. Ended up with three of them to do the plan. I couldn't get past the EQ section. They are so mid scooped that I found myself running with the treble 1-2, mids 7-8, and bass 2-3. Nowhere really...
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    Are High Powered SS Amps the Way to Go?

    Fender uses reverse log pots in their SS amps. By 3, you're at almost maximum power. Sales trick for them: people turn it up to 3 in the store... "Wow, this thing is super loud!"... and buy it because if it's that loud on 3, then on 10 you can play MSG! But not really, because 3 is already near...
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    Travel guitar and/or flying with a guitar

    But mostly that says that it has to stow under the seat or in an overhead compartment and is to be treated as a carry-on like all others. You're still subject to some cantankerous gate clerk insisting it's not a valid carry-on at the time of flight. I've had them do that with a suitcase that...
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    NGD: Not a Tele

    Rosewood varies a lot. That's a fine looking fretboard. As a sample, here's a Brazilian Rosewood back on an acoustic:
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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    Jazz? A vintage SS Princeton Chorus; Roland Jazz Chorus; or a Yamaha G50 or 100 Series III. Use a modeling pedal if you need dirt.
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    Would a Historic Gibson make you sell your standard?

    There's the answer right there. You found "the one". Stop searching. P90's are a lot of fun. Buying a Goldtop with P90's would expand your tone spectrum. Keep the Std you have for a full HB guitar.
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    Pin stripe or no?

    Keep the guitar as is and spend the money on the strippers.
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    I like where this is going.
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    Songs full of "whoah oh whoah oh whoah oh oh whoah..."

    Agree. Dylan is more of a weave than a solo. No guitarist - especially the great ones - plays with Dylan and expects to be soloing.
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    Stratosphere guitar parts website, I don't get it

    They responded quickly and with detail the first time I sent them an inquiry. The second time I got nothing. I don't know if it's due to the plague, but I suspect so. Good prices, if you want what they are selling. Fast shipping. No complaints. Would do business again.