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    Moisture content of wood blanks...

    By and large, what you don't want to do is take wood being stored in one extreme, and start working it in an environment in another extreme - that's where problems will come about. So, don't take wood being stored in an unheated garage in the dead of winter in some place like Michigan, and move...
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    DIY Fret Crowning Tool

    I know a lot of guys use triangular files, but I thought I'd post this here in case some people don't want to grind away at a file. Plus, some people like clunky. My wife actually bought me one for Christmas I think.
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    DIY Fret Crowning Tool

    Just saw this and thought I'd repost it here.
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    Smithereens flashback

    Wow. That's about as accurate a description as I've ever read. And he used to look like a young Martin Landau. Put him in a beige jumpsuit, and it's Space 1999 all over again...
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    How to tell if someone is rich

    {cough}{cough}insurance{cough} What was that again?
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    How to tell if someone is rich

    If class is a social construct, then societies (one being an American society and attitude) define it differently. Given that there is no real American culture per se, then class has no meaning. You're a Canadian. You can't sit there and tell me that there is a definable Canadian culture and...
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    How to tell if someone is rich

    "Class" is not an American construct - it is a foreign construct. A "class" defines a group with specific rights and privileges. In places line the US and Canada, those do not exist. They may exist when people do not apply the law. However, there is no divine right to rule, or own property...
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    What does the cap do when the tone is dimed?

    First, you're going to have variances on the cap because they are not "precision" components. Second, anything that deals with AC (signals) has to be viewed in terms of "impedance." "Impedance" is similar to "resistance except instead of volts, amps, and ohms, you now have frequency in the...
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    Bandana Pearl - build for a friend

    The chip "reflects" a signal sent from a scanner. There is nothing active in the chip requiring a battery.
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    Is this blues, in your estimation?

    Unless the singer's lover done gone off and left them, cheated on them, or kicked them out of the house, then it ain't the blues. No singer in the clip = no blues. If the same situation is described, but with a pickup truck = Country. Addendum: Inferred sex and drug use = Hard Rock. Same...
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    Great guitarists that aren't well known but should be.

    Trevor Rabin. Yes, he was famous in Yes, but the stuff on there was - for the most part - tame. I've heard this guy just let it rip on one of Rick Wakeman's albums (Never is a Long Long Time). It is something to hear.
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    Great guitarists that aren't well known but should be.

    I never understood the hate for these guys, outside of the fact that they were pretty, and they could play VERY well...
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    Smithereens flashback

    They racked up a bunch of hits initially, then they sort of dropped of the radar. But man, could they ever write a catchy hook! Just ignore the fact that the lead singer looks like Martin Lanau...
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    Oh! Oh my!

    Ahem. {Using my best snooty, intellectual voice} It's called avant garde! Pshah! Square!
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    Help me identify Wood

    1 - It has three small knots, and they are very visible on the pictures. 2 - It is not clear pine, given that it has knots that are clearly visible. 3 - Not all pine that is shipped to a store is cut locally. Most store inventory, unless you are a local mill, gets their supplies from a...