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    "New-be" question amp noise/static (New to Tube)

    Groove Tubes could be EH or Sovtek or JJ’s…they rebrand tubes. If it’s working and sounds good…why change it?
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    50th Anniversary of Machine Head

    Nice…but I argue Made In Japan is even better!
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    Is there a way to mitigate the volume spike with some MXR pedals???

    Agreed that it’s annoying! I had a Micro Flanger that I would have kept forever, except the volume spike was too much.
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    What's Your Essential Pedals?

    Thanks, I feel pretty good about it all. I’m in a trio and we play a mix of Garage Rock, Pop-Punk, Alternative, New Wave, Classic Rock. Everything done gritty.
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    What's Your Essential Pedals?

    Nice gear. I run two amps; a VOX Night Train 15h G2 and an Orange Rocker 15 Terror. I also run an enormoboard, don’t care what’s fashionable. If I had to narrow it down to bare bones, I’d want the following: -Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive -Dallas Rangemaster treble booster clone -BYOC ‘Leeds’...
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    I’d like to know how they differ, ie. Mk1-Mk5. I know a local builder who will do any of them for CDN$120.
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    Incoming NAD

    Happy for you, Dan! Enjoy both in good health. IMO, it’s good to have two amps. :)
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    Stunning finish.
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    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    I’m at a comfortable 4. Honestly, my gear is better than the player, by far.
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    Undervalued Amps to Buy Now

    There's a VOX Night Train, recently serviced selling for CAD$350 in Toronto. I'd offer $300, and that would be a sweet score.
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    Wireless Guitar Unit

    How big are the stages y’all are playing on? I never have enough room to move around that much.
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    Leaving tube amps on all day?

    I live dangerously, piker! ;)
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    Leaving tube amps on all day?

    Power bar with surge protection will make that moot.

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