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    Scam from a former classmate, sort of.

    Spiritual Healing Water can open the door to a more joyful and deeply fulfilling life. Explore what might be possible now. Love and Value Yourself. Make Lasting Changes."If you don't notice a Difference after 4-6 Sessions, 100% Money is refunded"
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    Painting a new guitar

    Here's my advice..grab a big hammer..hit yourself on the head with it..did it hurt?.. awake now?..I've seen too many "painted it myself " disasters..seems most of them end up reliced..intentionally or not...*wink
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    Painting a new guitar

    Harley Benton TE-20mn CA Telecaster w/upgrades Paid $120 + 40 shipping on reverb Harley Benton ST-20 HSS 2020 Candy Apple Red Paid $105 + 50 shipping on reverb
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    Let's put "shelf" on a shelf and leave it there.

    twelfth.. *ducks behind door..
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    Vox Pathfinder Owners

    Hi fellow Pathfinders.. I have a pair of 15Rs..where oh where can I find original Vox amp covers?.. I keep missing the occasional listings on Reverb..sigh
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    Bugera V5 Club

    Am I the only one who had a hard time finding original V5 covers?.. finally found some in to find a VOX Pathfinder 15 cover..sigh
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    Undervalued Amps to Buy Now

    I've got a few Fender amps in different flavors.. I always keep an eye out for good condition ones.. especially at 2am on Reverb.. lately I've aquired a few British amps.. out of production.. got that tone.. I'm not gonna tell you guys which make and models.. because.. then the prices will go...
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    Let's build a hopped-up Champ-ish thing

    Somebody got an "A" in metal shop.. excellent as always!.. I keep hoping for a build your own Vox V212HWX...speaker cab with blues kit..there's no way I could ever afford $1400.00 to buy one..
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    My Tele needs a replacement neck, tips needed.
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    How to get valve chart off in one piece

    Try a hair dryer..before using a heat gun..
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    Thank you sincerely!!..regards Nikki

    Thank you sincerely!!..regards Nikki
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    Hej from Örebro Sweden

    Hej Every one,,I am Nikki..I am happy to join you..I live in Las Vegas now..please excuse my poor english..regards Nikki
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    Originally from Örebro in Las Vegas

    Originally from Örebro in Las Vegas
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    reverb item/42080238-fender-2020-american-pro-telecaster-7-8lbs-swamp-ash Fender 2020...

    reverb item/42080238-fender-2020-american-pro-telecaster-7-8lbs-swamp-ash Fender 2020 American Pro Telecaster 7.8lbs. Swamp Ash Mint Hi cant post the link because I'm a newbie on this forum...sigh..regards Nikki

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