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    Lucky Man cover on Emerald 12 string baritone bass

    I bet that guitar is a hand full, nice job!
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    Used to Blues

    Thank you.
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    The first time ever i saw your face "my daughter"

    That's one of my babies. My other daughter has done very well on electric guitar. Thanks guys. 24track, keep trying, you'll figure it out before too long, I did. 😎
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    Real Cool! reminds me of the dayz of the Dave Clark 5 and Gary Lewis and the playboys. You captured that 60's feel bigtime.
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    Missing you.

    Thank you!
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    John Barleycorn

    You're a good storyteller. I like the Mandolin and thought it was a great touch. A little verb would be nice, adding some space. Really nice cover Mr. Hicks.
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    A song of faith

    This is one of my favorites ever recorded. The harmony guitar parts just happened on the fly.Kind of a majestic feel about it? we all hear and feel things differently at times. It's what makes improvisation so special. Bless God!
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    I Won't Go

    Singing for the boo boo 😎 got that 70's feel. nice Rene.
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    Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Step 3 1/2

    Good work man! beautiful indeed. verb enhancement sweetened it perfectly. I can't hear it getting any better than what you've done here. Bravo!
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    Missing you.

    Back in 2004, I lost the best and only real friend I ever had. Hank Edwards. By friend, I mean "True friend" You know, there are friends and buddies. The way you tell the difference, A friend will never screw you over or take advantage of you. Buddies will. In this life, you'll be lucky to...
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    Songs of Deliverance

    I first heard this song on YouTube and thought it was a beautiful song. The musicianship was top notch. Uplifting and encouraging. So as an un-invited guest, I sat in to jam. I downloaded it, then recorded it in stereo to my Br864. Then recorded my lead guitar on another track. When making a...
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    Fuzzy wuzzy was he? Kool!
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    "Shadows", Instrumental Rock Tune

    That's some good playing and technique.
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    The first time ever i saw your face "my daughter"

    I believe my daughter has a beautiful voice.