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    Clueless Question: Playing bass through my guitar rig? Dangerous?

    I play bass through my guitar amp all the time. In most cases, you would have to blast it to damage anything. You don’t have to have a bass amp. You can EQ it with a little less low end, and make it work just fine. If you want a lot of low end thump, of course there are better options. But I...
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    Isn't it amazing anyone plays in bands anymore?

    I can only speak from what I know. But locally, there is no music scene outside of the normal bar scene with adults, mostly cover bands. 20 years ago, kids were in local bands. And they gigged. There isn’t anywhere for them to gig. The local “scene” places died 10 years ago or more. Things have...
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    Preacher Movie Review: Wakanda Forever

    Yeah it’s better than that movie. BP 2 id call the good side of average.. multiverse of madness was really a disappointment.
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    I don’t think it’s a real Fender. The two string trees, tuners, inlays, and serial number style...

    I don’t think it’s a real Fender. The two string trees, tuners, inlays, and serial number style is nothing that I’ve seen before. Is there any country of origin listed on it? May still be a nice playing and sounding guitar, though.
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    The ‘Currently’ Most Recognized Surf Song?

    Wipeout for sure. People say Misirilou because of pulp fiction. But people in their 30s and younger probably know it better from the black eyed peas song. And even that is old, now. Like 13-14 years old. To young people, that is “old school.”
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    New 17-string Fender bass debut...Who wants one?

    I don’t think I’ve heard a song released by them, that isn’t older than I am.
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    Back to old fashioned forums?

    If you have the willpower to use these things for only constructive purposes, then they can be great. That is increasingly rare though. I have personally unfollowed anyone who posts political or religious rantings, on any side. I’m better off for it. I still follow some bands and music brands I...
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    YouTube as a music source

    Didn’t know that! Always have used me phone app mostly
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    YouTube as a music source

    For free, on your internet browser, it doesn’t get better than YouTube. I use Spotify for almost music purposes, but at work, it’s YouTube, since you don’t have to install an additional app for YT.
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    Looking at a very inexpensive bass

    I’m very happy with my 200 dollar Yamaha bass. Sounds good, feels nicer than a squier affinity. If you have the opportunity, I would definitely try before I buy. Feel and weight are a huge part about bass enjoyment. This is what I have, though I bought it probably 3 years ago on sale for under...
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    I'm Thinking about Starting a Small Business, and I Need Your Help

    Seems more like a side gig more than a full business opportunity, unless there is huge demand for your services, and you live in a major metro area. A lot of others who do this, supplement by selling guitars, too. Really tough to make that a livable wage business unless you have a great...
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    Keep seeing the same guitars for sale...why aren't they selling?

    Everybody wants more out of their gear than what people want to pay. People don’t want to accept that their guitar is worth like 50-60 percent of what they paid for it, regardless of what it’s listed for on Reverb. I’ve seen both sides. I couldn’t get 600 for a mint Vintera Jag I paid nearly 1k...
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    Dolly Parton Played a $99 Guitar at Rock and Roll HoF Induction

    I had a Laguna guitar too, back when they made them. It was pretty righteous, really. Played great. Honestly it was more comfortable than a lot of Fenders. Ended up selling to a friend to help his daughter learn.
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    Dolly Parton Played a $99 Guitar at Rock and Roll HoF Induction

    I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen women with nails so long, they could catch a salmon mid-jump.