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    Amp stands?

    Older than the interweb
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    I quit smoking. Experiencing nausea.

    Yes they do. Some Big Tobacco has money interest in Vapes and other smoking cessation means.
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    More Trolls?

    I mentioned dumble on TGP, got a ban...
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    More Trolls?

    Don't mention TGP :)
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    More Trolls?

    Might have something to do with the age of members here. The mods are quick to jump on abuse too.
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    Best modern single speaker all tube amp with reverb for surf.

    The supersonic is a good deal. I think Dom from the Backsliders was using one for a while. If you don't like it you can flip it for that price.
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    Show us your Smallest Pedalboard

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    I quit smoking. Experiencing nausea.

    Anecdotal experiences. Like most of the interweb. One thing that is a fact, smoking is very bad for you and quitting can be very difficult.
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    Trying to authenticate a "1 of a kind" special edition 2012 telecaster

    Walk away. To me a special edition would have a better build quality
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    Your take on the venerable I-IV-V

    3 chords and the truth...
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    I quit smoking. Experiencing nausea.

    Only thing that worked for me was vaping. I had better luck at decreasing the nicotine content. After using Nicotine gum, I could not even chew regular gum without feeling nauseous. Push on it's worth the hassle.
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    Double Overdrives Part 2

    Way huge Camel Toe
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    Eric Clapton Further On Up The Road (Live)

    I saw Clapton in 1984, Marcella Detroit outshone Eric, The Unplugged Album to me saw a good return.