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Nick Fisakis
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Jul 12, 2017
Jun 19, 2017
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Athens Greece

Nick Fisakis

Male, from Athens Greece

Dustbowl Jun 19, 2017

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Jul 12, 2017
    1. Nick Fisakis
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    Home Page:
    Athens Greece
    Your amps and other gear:
    * "Old Black Dog" Tele (U.S.A., S.N. S846692 / 1981)
    * Classic Series 50’s MIM Tele
    * Gibson Starburst Deluxe Acoustic Guitar (S.N. 91252029 / 1991)
    * Great Fandango Amp [Custom]
    * Custom Pedalboard
    Just playing my "Old Black Dog" Tele for the Dustbowl and Thee Holy Strangers...

    Guitar Influences:

    “Although I never liked “good” guitar players…”

    Clarence White, Chuck Prophet, James Burton, Jerry Garcia, Scotty Moore, Don Rich, Roy Nichols, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards, Paul B. Cutler, Merle Travis, Robert Johnson, Cliff Gallup, Marty Stuart, Luther Perkins, Richard Lloyd, Stephen McCarthy, Grady Martin, Mick Jones (The Clash).

    * "Old Black Dog" Tele (U.S.A., CBS model, Serial number: S846692 / 1978-1981)

    - Black / Black pickguard

    - Ash body (a very heavy one!)

    - Maple neck

    - Seymour Duncan's Antiquitty II 60’s Twang pickups.

    - Fender Custom Shop Vintage Pat. Pend. Bridge (strings-through-body)

    - Saddles: Glendale / The "Brass" Intone Cutting Edge brass saddles for E/A, D/G & the B/E saddle (B bender) from:
    • Glendale / The "Groovy 60s" Intone Cutting Edge threaded compensated saddle. 1/4" cold rolled steel un-plated.
    • Glendale / The "Intone Cutting Edge" Spanish Electric set /three cold rolled steel/ 5/16".
    • Or a Wilkinson compensated brass saddle .
    Previous Glendale The "Brass" Intone Cutting Edge set, Glendale / The "Intone Cutting Edge" Spanish Electric set /three cold rolled steel/ 5/16", the Wilkinson Compensated Brass Set, the Fender Vintage Custom Shop Straight Brass Saddles and the guitar’s original “modern” 6 saddle bridge. Also a Steel Chrome Plated Saddle 1 / 4" for B/E.

    - 7.25'' radius

    - Slightly rolled fretboard edges.

    - Poly thick finish!

    - Jescar Nickel Silver Wire Grade FW50085 (Crown Width 2.16mm, Crown Height 1.27mm)

    - “F” style original 70’s tuners

    - Gotoh "Barrel" Knobs

    - CRL Original 3-Way Switch

    - Hipshot B-Bender Only

    (previous: the version with Drop D lever and G Bender palm lever)

    - 250k audio (log) CTS pots for both volume & tone, Paper-in-Oil NOS K40Y9-022 capacitor 0.022μF 200V, standard wiring [Previous the original 1m audio CTS pots and sometimes a linear CTS 250k tone pot and the "50's" wiring].

    - Electrosocket jack plate & U.S.A. Switchcraft jack.

    - Medium / Low action.

    - Synthetic Nut.


    - Vintage-Style Fender Deluxe black strap on, strap locks, Herco style heavy thumpicks, heavy Dunlop thump picks, No-name vintage hard case, Fender Gig Bag, Ernie Ball Power Slinky .011-48 gauge strings, Shubb C1 & C4 capos, Mogami Gold 2524 cables with Neutrik NP2RX jacks

    * Fender Telecaster Classic Series 50’s (M.I.M.)

    - White Blonde / White pickguard

    - Fender Custom Shop Nocaster ’51 pickups.

    - Saddles: Glendale / The "Intone Cutting Edge" Spanish Electric set /three cold rolled steel/ 5/16"[Slightly aged for a vintage look].

    Previous Fender Custom Shop Vintage Straight Brass Saddles and guitar’s original Steel Chrome Plated 1 / 4".

    - Ash body

    - C-shaped maple neck

    - Polyester Finish

    - 7.25" radius maple fingerboard with 21 vintage-style frets and black-dot inlays

    - C Shape

    - Knurled chrome control knobs,

    - Vintage-style- pots, 250k volume audio and 250k tone linear

    - Sprague Orange Drop 22 mf 600V capacitor (polypropylene)

    - “50’s Gibson Wiring”

    - Vintage-style string-through-body bridge

    - Kluson Vintage-style tuners

    - Low / Medium action.

    - Synthetic Nut.

    - Vintage-Style Fender Deluxe black strap on, strap locks, Fender Gig Bag. Ernie Ball Power Slinky .011-48 gauge strings.

    * Gibson Starburst Deluxe Acoustic Guitar (U.S.A., S.N. 91252029 / 1991)

    - Mahogany maple top with maple back and side

    - Set neck

    - Rosewood fingerboard and bridge with mother of pearl star inlays

    - Cutaway

    - Fishman's piezo crystal passive undersaddle pickup

    - Shaller Tunners (gold enclosed style)

    - Gibson Hard Case

    - Low / Medium Action

    - .012 Gauge Strings.

    * Great Fandango Amp

    (Designed by Panagiotis Tsevrenis)

    - 70 watt - Point to Point

    - 1X12 Speaker (Jensen C12k Ceramic Vintage 4 Ohm)

    - George L's Speaker Cable & Jack

    - Telefunken Preamp Tubes: 12AX7= ECC83 & 12AT7 ECC81

    (Gold Pin NOS 1968)

    - TAD 6L6GC-STR RCA-Style Black-Plate / Philips/Sylvania style Tubes

    (Previous SED wing =C= 6l6GC, JJ 6l6GC)

    - Silver Mica capacitors inside

    * Pedal Board

    - Spell Binder Straight Shooter / Booster

    - Tech 21 Boost R.V.B. / Analog Reverb Emulator with Boost

    - MXR Carbon Copy / Analog Delay

    - Danelectro DE-1 Dan Echo / Digital Delay

    - Boss BD-2 / Overdrive

    - Boss TU-2 / Chromatic Tuner

    - T- Rex Compnova / Analog Compressor


    - Rock Case Pedalboard case

    - Harley Benton Power Plant / Power Supply Box

    - Mogami Gold 2524 cables with Neutrik NP2X & NP2RX jacks.

    Other pedals:

    - Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95 / Wah Wah

    - Coron Distortion 10 / Distortion (True bypass Mod)