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    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    all I know is U2 sounded GREAT live Edge sounded great beautiful hi-fi sound, like it was coming from out of the clouds the whole is more than the sum of its parts
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    Would You Relocate To Mars If Given The Opportunity?

    dude there's no wifi on Mars
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    Being right…. Has never felt this wrong!

    what's the "etc" is he threatening seriously to kill himself if not, I'm with @elihu
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    Advice on delay/echo

    this and this Tavo has great ears
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    So I finished my Viking 'Odincaster'

    All dressed up and ready for RagnaRock
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    Jojo Mayer

    anybody digging this
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    name the guitar and its owner.

    ah, Richard Thompson
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    name the guitar and its owner.

    Rory Gallagher
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    name the guitar and its owner.

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    name the guitar and its owner.

    John Lee Hooker?
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    name the guitar and its owner.

    this would be Andy Summers UPDATE: er, 28 pages later here's one we need the serial number
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    Which is worse: perceived arrogance or false humility?

    I think false humility is worse, because if you're perceived to be arrogant, you're already paying a cost. With false humility, you don't know yet. It's probably best to know what you're doing. You never know who's married to whom.
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    How did Nickelback become the butt of so many jokes?

    I don't know Nickleback, but is this question answerable? Search for the early reviews by date and do some fancy databasin'?
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    My dream car.

    I have three dreams a fuel-efficient Model T or an (electrical-harness-reliable) MGB for town my F-150 for country and a great fuel-efficient and auto-driving-capable larger vehicle with flight capability for trips
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    GOAT - Best Live Blues Performance

    this one that's the blues

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