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    Prehistoric Planet David Attenborough

    It’s so good! I’ve been anticipating it since the trailer came out. I get to relive my fascination with dinosaurs again with my seven-year-old son. And that they’ve discovered so much in the last 30 years since I was his age is pretty awesome. I may be even more excited for it than the new...
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    Do you have names for your guitars?

    Call my main guitar Esme, named after one of my dogs. Because they’re the same color, obviously. I had another one for Max the other dog, but downsized and preferred the other guitar. When funds allow, I’ll get another Max one, I like white guitars.
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    I went to Tele Heaven today...

    I'll take the coral/pinkish colored (could be shell pink...droool) Thinline, please.
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    Pics from recent gigs

    You’re more jacked than I would’ve imagined.
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    My Pro Jr. is too loud... the DSM Simplifier would help or not?

    5 watts tube isn’t going to be much if at all quieter than a 15 watt tube amp. You’ll have less headroom (which you probably won’t get close to reaching the max with either) but the perceived volume will be similar. A headphone amp solution is probably the way to go, yeah.
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    Let's talk about the best movie ever

    Wait, blowtorch is back? And it’s the original Jurassic Park, obviously.
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    Are High Powered SS Amps the Way to Go?

    It’s certainly one way to go. I went from a Quilter 101 which was very loud and could stay very clean to a 20 watt tube amp, which I run very dirty and ride my volume knob. So I guess headroom isn’t really what I’m after. I get more joy from playing out of the second option, but I’ll admit the...
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    Anime fans…what are you watching these days?

    Good for you for making the attempt. Honestly it was probably watching cartoons with my kiddo that eventually served as a gateway drug to anime, if I’m being honest.
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    Anime fans…what are you watching these days?

    I seem to recall seeing some anime fans on here. I just started really getting into it a couple months ago, now I’m immersed (even considering going to a local anime con…maybe…) Really into Konosuba, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and new releases like Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie and Love After...
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    My old Marshall is coming home tomorrow.

    Ah, I love a good Marshall story. My first tube amp was an '85 2205. Got it for $500. Traded it in at a loss if I recall. Yeah...they sell for a lot more now......... And probably the best amp I ever had was a '79 JMP 2203 in white tolex. Gain on full, and roll back the volume on the guitar...
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    What's Your Dream Guitar?

    It’s changed over the years, and I’ve owned a few that were dreams at one time or another. Currently, I’d say the Flaxwood CC.
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    I think I got scammed on FB Marketplace…how quickly to dispute charge?

    Yeah. And update, the credit card company didn’t back me up after their little investigation. Some BS. Oh well, lesson learned.
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    Anti-GAS, Sold Guitar Day!

    I’m looking to go back down to one. Had a few guitars listed that weren’t moving even after a few price drops, so hopefully the local store gives me some halfway mediocre offer, ha. Not GC, so it has that going for it. Serves me right for buying weird stuff no one else likes or knows about...
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    The missing stomp on my pedalboard….

    OCD. It can do boost, it can do overdrive, and sounds good and natural with the gain up, too. Sounds good boosted, as well.
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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    Man, an HX Stomp or something in my guitar case and call it a day sounds pretty enticing. Wish I didn't love JCM 800s and pedals so damn much.