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    Double Bound Goodness

    Work in progress, impulse buy on a Fender neck, led to a Warmoth roasted ash body. Their surf green was waaaaay different than the neck. Off to Vancouver ( a trip to the old country! Not me, just the body and neck) to color match the body to the neck. Body and neck are headed back to Alaska now...
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    Pure Vintage 64 vs Palo Duro

    Appreciate the reply! Got a wild hair, ordered up some Lindy Fralin vintage hots for it..
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    Pure Vintage 64 vs Palo Duro

    Any sound clips out there that A/B the two? Much difference between the two, or pretty similar? Rounding up parts for a double bound surf green project, already have a spare set of Palo Duro looking for a home, but that grass is greener thing just reared it,s ugly head..
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    Which WGS 10'' speaker is closest to the Eminence 105?

    Dunno about closest to Greenback, but just swapped out the stock 12" Cannabis Rex that came in a tweed Sweetwater Princeton Reverb with a WGS G10A, like it waaaaay better. They have sound clips on their website, might help you get dialed in a bit..
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    What is 'boxy'?

    Slightly different take, I have a smaller bodied Guild acoustic, M 120, all mahogany. Have heard that described as having a boxy tone, which I think fits. More mids forward, slightly subdued highs. Less bass. Compare that to a a Jumbo, which would be more piano like in range, comparatively...
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    Should I get a tele with humbuckers, or am I better of getting a Gibson ?

    I like Lester's, and I like Teles,s, choosing between em is going down a bad road.. Find a Les Paul you like, sign over that first born like my Pappy did with me, and take a while to get to know that guitar.
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    Songs of Unrequited Love

    Crazy bout a Mercury.Mercury's.. Always on my mind also not bad.
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    2019-2020 '72RI Thinline

    Man, thought I was sort of okay with guitars for awhile, saw that pink Thinline pop up for pre order at CME a few weeks ago, been plotting and scheming ever since!
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    My son wants to move to the mountains

    Cost of living, maybe not cheap. Head for Alaska, he,ll love it or hate it, usually not much in between. An hour or so from Anchorage, he should be able to find a band/play in scene that fits, maybe. Mountains, yes. Plenty of hiking, check. I,m a little biased, mostly been in Alaska since 94, I...
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    Post your favorite guitars your using now

    Screen pic of the Guild F40 Traditional before it came home. Usually pretty OCD about researching the hell out of something before buying it, but this was a better lucky than good moment. A couple weeks after my Dad passed away this fall, one Saturday morning still in a fog, snooping around on...
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    What brand of boots do you wear?

    Hoffman boots at work, pacs if it gets cold enough, was regular lineman steel toes for 5 years, switched to armor pros two years ago. Instantly comfy vs the painful one month break in. Scarpa Frankenstein boots on weekends in the boonies. Will say, January of 2017, broke a couple toes, the...
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    Oh Canada

    Since we went there...
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    anybody here reload/handload ammo?

    Some good information, one thing I would add, seek out a mentor. Someone that has been reloading for a while, and hasn't lost any fingers or other parts in the process. Keep notes, track and label everything, be OCD about it. If you are at the range, boonies, wherever you go shooting, and start...
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    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    I ain't a skeered.. At least not in this pic..flying out to Niblak or Neets Bay, can't remember which. Second to last run to Pt Baker, would have likely been surf green on the way back, late October SE Alaska, not a fan of float plane joy riding..