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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    There is always the Japanese drink Pocari Sweat .Just the thing for a hot day .
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    Why does Gibson's nitro smell so much better/last longer than Fender's nitro out of the box?

    My Gibson Midtown tooks ages to lose its lovely smell .I want to get it back ,any ideas
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    Semi hollow to pair my Tele

    339.A smart guitar .I would mention a Gibson Midtown but they are not budget any more .I got mine on blowout .Cross between a 335 and a telecaster thinline .
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    van zandt stays, pretzel is gone

    I have VZ's in my to go Telecaster (see my avatar).Love em.The neck is very warm and jazzy and the bridge perfect for blues /Americana.I have it on a four way and it initially sound weak on the fourth switch position so I adjusted pickup height to dial in a great 4 way tone and found it also...
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    Gibson's new Sister Rosetta Tharpe Collection

    I will have to settle for the Vintage or Harley Benton version I am sure will be made now .
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    Am I the first? Fire at Fender Ensenada Plant

    An Acoustonic is probably the guitar I should really have .Its a tele ish shape and as I play folky jazzy blues finger style itseems a perfect choice .However I cant afford one and dont want to sell any of mine to pay for it so not even worth trying.
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    Am I the first? Fire at Fender Ensenada Plant

    Prefire MIM always sound way better than later post fire ...fact
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    New Epiphone ES335 Top Veneer thickness

    A guy stripped an EPi 335 many moons ago and the top veneer was paper warned .I had a lovely Epi Dot Block SE with flame maple in about 2008 and it looked great .I stripped all the metal off it except the frets :) and replaced it all with top quality fittings ,better pickups,switchcraft...
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    Tricked out MIM vs Stock MIA

    The quality on Squiers now is amazing .I have a contemporary Jaguar that really is really top notch in terms of quality and has good hardware and pickups .Neck is better than MIM and most MIA .MIM and MIA ?I would still go MIA if you can afford it and then mod it slowly if needed .Made...
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    Would you buy a current Gibson sight unseen today?

    I bought a Gibson 2015 Midtown in 2015 as they were blown at at 600 quid and it was the only chance I would have to get one at that price.Its perfect and plays and sounds great.But its still only a guitar .Do we expect too much?We all have to find the guitar that really suits us not what...
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    Prefab Sprout

    Love em
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    I died a little inside today.

    My wife judges music by how good looking the singer is .While watching a TV show on Roy Orbison she came out with "I didnt realize he was so good when I was a teenager .He just didnt look like a pop star " doh ..............she did have other a tributes, such as her hot legs in a short...
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    When Keith Richards finally passes from this earth,

    The 60's only ends when Keef departs .Long live the 60's.
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    Fighting and Racing is the Excuse

    When I lurked in the F1 paddock pretending I was journalist and some times even becoming one ,Eddie Jordan had an energy drink called V10 in his team motor homes fridge. I had to drive back late one wet and crappy night so drunk four of them .They were free. I got back as high as a kite and...
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    NAD: DV Mark Little Jazz

    I have one and used it on stage at jazz bars pre covid.To rock or blues it up I use a Joyo american sound pedal .