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    "The Sweet Spot"

    Thanks, it was very inexpensive to make and I think to me about an hour and half to complete
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    "The Sweet Spot"

    I'm referencing the best tone I get from my Acoustic guitars in relation to humidity. I keep my music room / man cave between 40 to 45% humidity, I can tell when the room is closer to 40 VS 45% the guitars are so responsive and seem to resonate better. I don't ever let it drop below 38% without...
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    Weird Phone Calls

    I get calls quite offed also, if you follow real state the inventory in my area is low and things are selling like crazy and the prices are just as crazy. They are going to start this BS again where you summit your best offer by a certain closing date and the following week they open the offers...
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    Would you rather be without electricity, or water?

    I have been in a situation were I didn't have either one due to a storm taking down the power lines and are water supply was from a well and no power meant the pump wasn't working for 7 days before it was fixed. Depending in the time of year play's a big roll, in the summer give me access to...
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    2021 NFL season!

    Jimmy G is more hype than legitimate, I don't think he will be with the 49rs next year. SF won, but Dallas should have never even been in that game.
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    Road runner - classic Detroit muscle

    My brother had a 69 convertible I believe they only built 500 that year. Solid blue 383 4 speed Mag wheels, boy was I sad when he sold it....But it was a good thing because that would have been WAY to much HP for a first time car for myself...
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    I'm an idiot

    OUCH, that stinks no pun intended. I was replacing the clutch in my 84 Toyota pickup 20 years ago, I had the flywheel ground and is as I torqued the bolts even knowing the torque spec said 10 FT LBS I said WHAT no way, So I set the wrench to 15 LBS and SNAP..... OH 💩, now you've done it...
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    Dramatic Sunrise on the Farm

    That is beautiful, here is one of the sun set here from the other day.
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    Dana Bourgeois Talks Tone Woods

    Thank you for posting, Dana is a great guitar builder, Unfortunately I don't come across many of his guitars since I moved.
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    Collings Acoustic Guitars Comparison

    All are wonderful. it's hard to choose...Ok I go with ( 6 ) Dust in the wind, first song I learned in the Travis style picking, well done I might add.
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    R Dean Taylor RIP

    I just wonder, is he now a ghost in his house?.....I know that was in bad taste, I just couldn't resist. RIP R Dean Taylor....and stay out of my house please.
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    Terrible unfortunate accident. Injury. Need some advice.

    Yes, I would inform him as to what had happened, and let him know of your injuries. Hopefully there will no need for any recourse but if there is you have it documented.
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    Looking Cool in my new Chemotherapy Hairdo!

    Looks good,:) The very best to you through your treatment....My buddy just finished his RCHOP treatments and is doing great.
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    Hohner Owners

    WOW, Lee that is beautiful. Nice stuff you got there.o_O
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    Trying to fill a hole in my soul

    Mick M, I am so sorry for your loss. Are pets are with out a doubt part of the family and it it never easy when that time come's to say goodbye.

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