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    Do you own a CD player?

    I'm 65. I have CD, turntable and cassette. I use CD and turntable regularly but even though I still have CD in the cars I use a USB set to random play and with about 5000 songs, which are from my physical collection. I enjoy the USB very much.
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    Legalize wearing boxers outside on hot days?

    As a public person both in a professional career and as a local musician people know me and while they understand I'm a hippie I dress appropriately in public. Now days me and the wife are retired, COVID came along, habits changed and if you come on the property we might have on anything or...
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    What’s on Marty Stuart’s pedal board?

    From the horses mouth:
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    Guess who played for adults with special needs ?

    I had a couple of friends that were employees of a local State Supported Living Center. They began playing dances for residents in the 1980s. Around 2000 they asked me to join and for the next almost 20 years I played monthly often switching instruments depending on who made the gig. Great...
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    Recommended Fuzz Pedals

    Look up the Dongeomac store on reverb for decently priced hand bulit fuzz clones. No affiliation here but I have three of his pedals, the hybrid fuzz face, the bass fuzz and a green ringer. None of his pedals will help you sound like anyone else.
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    Your favorite analog delay…

    I've got that thing!
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    Jack Kerouac/Beat Generation.

    I like this take by John Leland.
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    Neil Young "Barn" Movie!

    I have a lot of old Neil albums but few new ones. He's ok, wouldn't want him to come over but I watched barn. I like the review New Yorker magazine gave it, "Neil Young and Crazy Horse, who look like they have been in quarantine since 1970..."
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    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    Had a job layoff and a lot of coworkers moaned and still miss the old job. I graduated as a Physical therapist assistant at age 50. Very rewarding. I retired at age 62. Now I'm 65. I did not particularly enjoy school but the program was good, I was good at the job and that layoff was one of...
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    Fender rumble with Guitar.

    A friend is a bass player with one of the bigger Rumble amps. It sound glorious with his 12 string Martin.
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    Used Shoes?

    My wife and I seldom buy new from the store clothes relying on thrift stores for everything but undies and socks. We always look like we are with the band. I'd buy used shoes, nice ones, not old casual but with my big foot I seldom find my size. I have purchased from repair stores where there...
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    Got pretty pedals? Do show.

    Not all that neat but colorful
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    Got pretty pedals? Do show.

    I have several of those, ring mod, bass fuzz, silicone/geranium hybrid, great stuff
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    Side Dot material ideas

    I make cigar box guitars. They are 3 string, fretless and play with a slide. I use bbs as side fret markers, 4, 5 and octave. Drill a small hole as deep as you prefer and super glue Primitive but effective.
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    Got an electric car

    That's it!

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