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    Let's see those pedal boards!

    I currently use an Axe FX, and those controllers make for boring boards. I will try and find some pictures of my old boards when I get home. I used to love building massive pedal boards, with lots of DIY pedals and switchers. For now, keep 'em coming guys, love me some good pedal board pr0n.
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    Build Your 5 Pedal Board

    I've found Tom Morello's pedal board to be extremely versatile in giving me most of the sounds that I need. Boss TR-2 into wah, into a Digitech Whammy into a delay into a boost and into a Phase 90. All in the amp's effects loop. 6 pedals in total and I would obviously use a different delay then...
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    A 1992 article in the Dutch "Gitarist" magazine of the dangers of modding your instrument too much.

    If the original designers of the electric guitar got it right from the start I guess that depends on the definition of being right. Pickguards look great, but having to remove the strings to access the electronics is a terrible system of guitar maintenance. Personally I think the reverence that...
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Those seem to be good definitions.
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Never in my life I would have thought of doing a different paint job on a guitar, or a different pick guard as a mod. Must be my old guitar pedal building days. Where a mod was a change to the electronic circuit. So to me changing pickups, wiring, adding anything that changes the sound was a...
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    What was your first guitars?

    My first electric was a Japanese Les Paul clone out of the Fl. 200 bargain rack at my local music store. My father went along as he knew the owner well and he argued that until I could actually play or not quit a cheap guitar would be best. Never liked that guitar and never liked Les Pauls as a...
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    ‘Lurn’ me about Range Master treble boosters!!

    I like the Gregg Fryer treble boost, the one that I think Brian May currently uses. A nice simple to build silicon treble boost. Not a big fan of germanium as its too finicky, so no rangemasters for me. I like to include the Gregg Fryer as an internal circuit in my guitar builds.
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    Ugliest Band Ever

    Lets face it, we don't live in a period of time where Western men for the most part have been interested in their looks. A nice suit and a haircut are the most effort we will put in. Using skin and hair products is just not something most of us do, the odd metrosexual aside, a fad which already...
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    FV-1 Delay, eh it's alright.

    Never built a FV-1 pedal. They were getting in vogue around the time I quit building pedals. I used to build 4 to 6 pedals a month until I got my Axe-FX. Before I could justify building 4 to 6 pedals a month that at least 1 of those might end up on my board. Now my board is my Axe-FX controller...
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    When did music become irrelevant to you ?

    I rarely listen to music now too. And oddly most of the music I listen too is no longer the hard rock and metal I love but latin based music or modern pop stuff. Not that I like those now, but I give Zumba and Les Mills classes, so that's the music I have to use, select and practice too. And...
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    Webb Telescope & the End of Darkness

    I never understood the 'we can only do this once we solve all our problems here first' mentality. Firstly, nothing ever would have gotten done with that mentality, we'd still be in the caves. Second, it is in our human nature to explore, see what is over the other horizon. It has led to the...
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    Thinking about offloading my chorus pedals and getting just a Dimension C...

    I got a Dimension C pedal. It sounds good. But I like the detune setting of my whammy even more. The perfect chorus sound if you ask me.
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    What have you found in a fallen down house lately

    I work at a university and when they were going to tear down one of the buildings I asked them (on behalf of the department I work for) if we could strip it for media equipment, as we tend to have a lot of old analog multimedia and not always the equipment to digitize it with. It netted me a lot...
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    Van Halen (DLR era) vs. Guns N' Roses?

    For me it was Guns & Roses. Not because I like them but they at least made it big on this side of the Atlantic. Van Halen was never really that big in Europe. When they were playing stadiums in the US they were playing arenas in Europe. Or large clubs. Same with KISS by the way. Never hit...
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    Now that I'm approaching 70, there's something I never worry about...

    If I were 70, and had my own home I'd stick all the amps and cabs in a big basement, soundproof the **** out of it and enjoy the sound of amps being cranked to the max in my attack studio. I'd build me a big ass pedal board too to house dozens of pedals and easy ways to reconfigure and swap them...