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    Legit question about amp size/need for live playing

    Weeellll, yeah, most church sound techs wouldn't have a clue how to do this. But as for the "you can't" part try telling that to Edge. Anyway... I am not just a guitar player who has done it, but a sound tech that wouldn't, in fact, kill YOU if you wanted to try it, along with your big 40+...
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    Legit question about amp size/need for live playing

    Ehh... I wouldn't go that far. A large amp might have the tone I want. For example, have you ever had the opportunity to play a large space (our especially outdoors) and use multiple mics on a large combo or a cabinet? One on the grill and one some distance away can be combined to produce a...
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    how do you guys choose pedal placement on your board?

    I agree with the comment above about not overthinking cable lengths, especially if you have buffer(s) or buffering pedals in your chain. The best layout is the functional one that allows your toes access to stomp switches.
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    Legit question about amp size/need for live playing

    Experienced sound techs can make it work either way. Novices can mess it up either way. And having a loud amp so you can hear yourself on stage doesn't mean that you sound good out in the room.
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    Look what just turned up out of nowhere...

    Yeah, I thought it was funny too. Don't sweat it BoredGuy.
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    How to get started

    Oh, and now for tongue-in-cheek advice: You'll need to work on some basic needs Shopping list Duesenberg Starplayer Strymon Big Sky Strymon Timeline or Eventide Timefactor (bonus "worship" points for both!) Timmy plus something from JHS' line of OD pedals Vox AC15 The Look - for men...
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    How to get started

    I've never met anyone who was born with some ability to play an instrument. In other words, we were all beginners at one time. Most worship teams I've been around are supportive of beginners. Even teams with really, really good players who've done session work and touring work. If you can...
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    Digital Vs Analog

    Ahh, a man after my own heart. Lots of variables... the possible tonal combinations are practically endless.
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    Digital Vs Analog

    When it really comes down to it, almost every (productive) church guitarist I know ends up approaching this from the standpoint of two basic needs: (1) what is my foundation tone/sound (and possibly signature effect) and (2) how do I get my rig to and from church (or perhaps leave it). If you...
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    Looking to buy something...

    Ever had the problem where you go in to the store to buy something, and you end up walking out with something else?
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    Tube Amp for Worship Players

    Currently I use a blues junior as well, I also mic with a sm57. I've used various other approaches, including amp off the stage, amp pointed in weird directions, etc. Been through ampless stage phases where we all use modelers and cab sims. They all can be made to work. But in the current...
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    How many running shimmer?

    When it comes to compressors, I think that the "need" needs to be defined in order to know what the solution should be. There are a lot of options out there. On the "shimmer" think, I have to admit I just learned something new. I liked that Seraphim demo. It turns out though that I've...
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    Does my Boss AD-3 Deserve To Live?

    I have an AD-3. I wouldn't use it in my electric chain. It is optimized for beefing up an acoustics's signal, for which basically the most useful knobs on it are the Bottom and Top pots, and the trim pot (on the back) which is good for leveling the AD-3's output into whatever amp or PA you plug...
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    I Put A Big Muff On My Board And I Loved It!

    ^^^ I really like that style of fuzz. I don't currently have a fuzz pedal, but I can get close to that with a Rat set just right and a hot single coil neck p/u.
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    What Would Make A Blues Jr. Have Vibrato On Some Lower Notes?

    What year was that amp built? Apparently there was a year were they shipped with many having bad filter caps. 2005 or something like that.

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