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    Is a Blues Junior speaker swap worth it?

    I had pro junior a while ago I put a jensen mod speaker (not an expensive speaker) in it just to give it a try. It was an improvement, smoother and fatter sounding, from the speaker that came with the amp. Later, I traded the amp away.
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    If Lee Iacocca were still alive...

    Hipsters would be wearing big ass glasses.
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    How to mount reverb tank in standalone reverb unit

    I thought the reverb bag is screwed to the wood with a piece of cardboard taped to underside of the tank.
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    Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 11.24.21

    I had some weird problem where I couldn't get the track out of audacity on Windows. Anyway did a try yesterday, then gave up with the audacity problem, not being able to find the track. Now I found the track today. I only changed to the front pickup in the last 10 seconds, one take, angular...
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    Anyone here plays their tele with the ashtray on?

    Leo Fender worked with Kaufmann in the early 40's who invented the vibrola bridge for Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker had the horseshoe pickup on the lap steel, which also has a metal cover to rest your palm on but also creates electrical inductance. Fender's design had a plate on the bottom and a...
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    Anyone Try A Short Delay Reverb Tank In Fender Amps?

    I grabbed an accutronics tank from a 70's carvin tube amp. I have a surfy-bear diy works in a fender reverb unit cabinet with a 70's accutronics long decay full-size tank, which is the bomb. I read about where you can also mount a short tank on the front wall of the cab, and toggle with a footy...
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    Classic rock -- anyone else here hate it?

    I would rather listen to the original blues guys or country guys, folk, or old bluegrass, or early gospel then all that huge promo/payola music. It mediocraty that's been weaponized. It's what they did to music, movies, now the art world. If you stop thinking or living for yourself then it's...
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    Super Reverb Reissue -- a 45-watt Princeton?

    A Pro Reverb, with two alnico 25 watt jensens seems to me like a very powerful Princeton. Or a Half -Twin. On 4 it will be like twice the volume of a princeton. The 70's Pro reverb is super undervalued. I bought a 73 for 800 bucks recently in perfect shape with newer, expensive speakers. The...
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    Nitro not checking, help!

    You can try refrigerant, the kind you recharge your car airconditioning. If nitro is young and still not hardened, it may take a while to get really shell-like, it won't crack, it self repairs, melds back together. I don't want to get into anything with anybody about this, if you disagree with...
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    I think I want a funky/ugly 60s MIJ guitar. Teisco, Kent, etc. Advice? Brands to stay away from?

    Subway guitars in Berkeley is the original weird guitar shop for pros or stoner collectors, way... way before caveman, ludlow or anything is Williamsburg. They have a "zero attempt" at making a sale perfected.
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    MIJ Cream Tele - Fake or Fortune?!

    It's real, and it looks stock. I have one just like it bought in Japan in the 90's. It's CiJ.
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    Very Very Low Power Tweed Twin

    I never played through a real tweed twin. A friend of mine has a real 50's tweed deluxe, sickening, how good it sounds.