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    What five people in the history of guitar would you most like to personally thank if you could?

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    Anyone here plays their tele with the ashtray on?

    I wouldn't mind trying - my only Tele with a vintage bridge didn't come with a cover.
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    Have we reached the endpoint of modeling?

    Lol! My old, old Boss GT3 had an log - I think they called it a “wave pedal” but it could be set up to use an LFO to control multiple parameters instead of an expression pedal that was controlled by the user. I have no idea if the newer GT processors kept that concept or not. It would be very...
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    Suggestions for a Warm(ish) Strat Pickup Set

    I can second the Bootstrap sun city selects or Fender Tex Mex is in the same ballpark - a little warmer than vintage but still “Stratty”. I have them both in two Strats. But for even a bit darker the Oatmeal Stouts are phenomenal- probably my favorite Strat set but a little more power and a...
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    Objectively speaking, the best pizza you can assemble from Domino's is...

    Green peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, black olives, bacon, sausage, ham.
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    Fretboard with Lake Placid Blue??

    I voted maple, but either works for me.
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    Well hello!

    Welcome - can’t wait to see how that Tele comes together!
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    Very Sad Day

    That’s beautiful. My sincere condolences. I will certainly do the small thing you ask. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
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    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    I can do that - I have a new Peavey PVM 45 mic that's supposed to be great on cabs that I haven't tried yet.
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    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    Maybe I can do a comparison of a bunch of these (4 Joyo pedals + the Blonde, Plexi and Cali sections of the Flyrig). Record something direct and reamp the same tracks through each if these - might be a fun projects. I'll try to get to that later this week.
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    Windows 11...Bueller...Bueller...

    Me too - I'm using a Dell Gaming laptop that is a number of years old - upgraded with two SSDs and 16 GB RAM. It smokes most mid to mid-high end laptops available new today, but the processor is one generation too old for W11. Makes no sense since newer machines with less processing power are...
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    Joyo American Sound: clean up with guitar volume knob?

    Its "girthy" in the low mids - definitely a different flavor than the AS, AC or BS (I haven't gotten the new Oxford Sound - yet! ;);) ) The drive is thick and can be loose but not messy or uncontrolled - it's a different beast. The AS gets used most by me as a front end into an amp for clean...
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    Have we reached the endpoint of modeling?

    But if you drop the pedal, will you get the "thunderstorm" effect?