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    Jazzmaster vs Telecaster For R & B

    Either one will work. They produce similar tones given their similar pickup configuration. Not identical, but same ballpark. I personally would go with a Tele because I hate how my hand hits the jazzmaster’s big neck pickup when I strum, but that’s just a personal thing and you have a jazzmaster...
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    Have I posted this guy yet?

    Looks great. Animal Chin would approve.
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    Rory Gallagher Gambler Blues

    Not sure the answer to your question about the particular tuning he’s using, but I do know that he used the tele pretty much exclusively for alternative tuning/slide stuff, and the strat for the standard tuning stuff.
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    If you can afford in-person lessons, I’d stick with those. They keep the student more disciplined, because you have a human being you’re interacting with who you can disappoint if you don’t work on what you’re supposed to be working on. That’s not to say online lessons aren’t worthwhile. I use...
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    What to do about a listing for a tele that's probably stolen...

    If I thought it was stolen, I would definitely not buy it. I’d probably report the ad to the cops if I thought it was stolen - if the guy knicked it from a gigging musician it may have been reported and they might do something about it, although maybe not if it’s in a big city. If the guy stole...
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    Have you ever seen 3 control plates on a Tele?

    Where do you rest your picking arm on that monstrosity?
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    What do you dislike about the Telecaster ?

    The balance is my main gripe. When playing standing up with a tele, the neck is basically at a 90 degree angle to my body. Not quite neck dive like on an sg or flying v, but similar principle. A strat hangs better.
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    Seller wouldn't weigh guitar

    It’s not unreasonable for you to ask, but it also is not unreasonable for him not to be able to give you that info. I don’t have a scale, and neither do a lot of people, so I would have no way of giving this info either. And if someone asked, I wouldn’t go out and buy a scale just so I could...
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    NGD: Surf Pearl Player Telecaster

    Looks great. I’d keep it completely stock.
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    New tele recommendation for Jazz tones

    I think any regular telecaster will do. You could go the humbucker neck route, but the standard single coil neck pickup is pretty mellow too. I think John Schofield switched to a tele a few years ago (or at least started using one in addition to other guitars).
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    Gibson finish cracking

    That’s not normal surface checking. Seems like a problem with the wood. If it’s under warranty, I’d demand a replacement.
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    Christmas morning and iconic guitars.

    Christmas of 1990 I got my first guitar and amp. Previously I had been renting one from a music store. The xmas presents were a gtx superstrat with two humbuckers and a matrix amp. Both were pretty crappy in retrospect but at the time I was in heaven.
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    Squier getting sloppy!

    That third picture is ridiculous.
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    How did the great rockers repaint their guitars?

    Steve Cropper painted one of his telecasters purple, but he didn’t intend for it to be purple. He intended it to be some other color, but because he didn’t use any primer, it came out purple. Instead of re-doing it, he simply stuck with the purple.