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    Bought a cool poster (I think) and frame.

    Not sure who they are. But definitely love the poster. I have a wall of various posters from groups and people I like. Most aren’t framed but my favorite is. Not actually signed. But printed authentic autographs. Was a promotional poster. Wasn’t available for general purchase. Was sent out to...
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    Finally got to see them!

    But this was great. I wear a black Stetson flat, wide bill hat. Spent a pretty penny on it. I’m not a super materialistic guy. But wanted one for a while. Anyway. Show was at the Ft. Worth stock show and rodeo. So got a lot of looks from the wannabe “western” crowd lol. You know. The cheap...
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    Finally got to see them!

    Thanks. Man! And yea. He took me to see Cheap Trick back in like 2005 (my first concert) I think I was in like 6th grade? Maybe 7th. So it was nice.
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    Finally got to see them!

    Love how they played a range of their catalog (as all bands should) I see too many bands play just their current songs. Which I get, you have a album to promote. But it’s nice when you see a band (especially one you like) go to the deep cuts. Playing songs from their early 1990’s (I was 1 when...
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    Finally got to see them!

    I love Rhett and his writing. Not pop but lighthearted kinda tongue in cheek. Didn’t care too much for his solo project. But I’ve always liked the band
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    Squier standard tele?

    Possibly looking to build or buy/modify a tele. I’m usually more traditional classic fan. But find myself wanting to play with one. Maybe do some fun pickups, kill switch. Individual toggles for pickups. Kinda inspired by Jack Whites newer blue tele. I enjoy building. But there’s also a red...
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    Kids and College

    Idk. My parents helped with books in college after high school. I eventually dropped out. But their rule after high school was either work full time or school full time. If you chose to work, you pay rent. If you go to school you had more of a “chore” load. So it balanced out. But also instilled...
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    Finally got to see them!

    Went with my dad to see the Old 97’s for my birthday. Show was in Ft. Worth last Friday but was “away” from the website so hadn’t gotten to share. Dad got me into them years ago. So it was really great to go see them. (First time for both of us). Great band with a great stage performance. I...
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    How many guitars?

    I’ve been up and down my whole playing life. Sometimes 1 sometimes 10 lol. Currently have 2 electrics, an acoustic electric, a mandolin, a ukulele. 2 amps.
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    Do Ya Dare Me....

    Interesting. I know all shops use a similar thing. Used to work for a local mom and pop shop (both in Sherman, and in Bonham Tx) we used LONESTAR GIRL. But cool to hear a corporate coding lol
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    Do Ya Dare Me....

    Or that MIM Monterey
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    Sports fan? Who is your team no matter what? Show your team colors!

    I’m a born and raised Astros fan. Not proud of their later seasons. But stand by my boys. Really got into them myself back in 2004? 2005? The height of the Bagwell, Biggio, Berkman, Oswalt. You remember. “The Good Guys” we can forget Rodgers and Pettite, they went back to the Yanks and got...
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    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    My mom was 32(?) when she went to school for nursing. I’m 29 and about to go through culinary school to get a degree. (I’ve been cooking and running kitchens for years. But want to make it official lol.)
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    Help me country

    haha I am aware of his music. not the biggest fan. on one hand I admire his "shock value" lyrics. but not a overall fan, more along the lines of Wheeler Walker Jr lol
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    Surgeon caught autographing livers he transplants into patients

    Would you ask a artist to not sign his/her paintings? Lol.