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    Adventures and old-age dumbness in modding an SX Telecaster

    Is that a magnet or piece of foam on the bottom of the pickup?
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    Alcohol: A life ruiner

    You are describing the last place that I drank and tended bar. Main difference being that the police were never called but for the occasional overly concerned outsider but if/when they arrived nobody would acknowledge their presence (questions were met with louder juke box volume) and they would...
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    1959 Telecaster

    Why it's for an extra pickguard of course!:) Probably sometime in its life a single ply PG was warped? EDIT: Just enlarged the extra hole pic and it looks like somebody added a strip of wood where the control plate screw attaches. Deifinitely looks like a top loader. Nice looking guitar.
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    Without any provocation my phone decided to rotate the pic 90 degrees right. Top, solid copper 1 AAA flashlight photo bombed the knives because it always partners with them. Left, 1960s Case was my grandfathers(avatar). Used mostly to scrape the gunk out of his corn cob pipes. I carry it for...
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    Had to have my truck towed last night

    Likely a bad dimmer switch. I had the same problem in a '72 New Yorker.
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    Had to have my truck towed last night

    I can't remember how many times I've assisted people with car trouble and while it might not be the main issue, many of them had a drop of oil on the stick if not less. Bad enough the makers replaced oil pressure gauges with "idjit" lights, but many times they're ignored too.
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    My Tele needs a replacement neck, tips needed.

    I don't think thickness comes into play. I have an '06 51 NoCaster RI that no matter how many times was adjusted, would warp into a convex/back bow. After constant messing with it for years I contacted Fender and after their authorized service center looked it over it was returned and the neck...
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    Johnny Cash tribute...

    The pressure thing also crossed my mind especially at the time the hole was put there. That's a bunch of water all trying to escape through 1 small orifice. EDIT: I never lived in a town that depended on a tank like that for water. Do they catch rain or if need be, buy water and have it pumped...
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    Johnny Cash tribute...

    In a town like that you'd figure a resident or two would climb up there and put a cork in it: or some temporary fix for 20 bucks or so instead of letting it empty to the hole level.
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    You can do it. Just share the story of how the gig came about and you'll draw the audience close to you.
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    So I mentioned Orange County Choppers recently and how fake that show was...

    I remember an OCC episode where a couple of those fools were pounding an inner primary cover onto the motor/tranny with a big plastic mallet. If they would have shimmed the tranny to align with the motor, the inner primary would have simply slid into place. Their method insured that as soon as...
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    50th Anniversary of Machine Head

    Me and my "cruise the back roads buddies" wore that Machine Head 8-Track all the way out! I think that Marcus has a lot more to show us as he matures. First impression was just another youngster that found the music of the late 60s and 70s, nothing really new or special. After seeing him play...
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    Thinking about mowing....

    I'm in S. Central PA and around 1pm we got a solid (high wind/rain) 1 1/2 hr storm that was as close to a hurricane as we get. Sun shining now like it could never happen here. I won't be mowing for at least a day.
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    Karma waits like a small town Sheriff in a speed trap. Not that it will help you but she will rear her ugly head and leave some teeth marks where he won't like them.
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    What? He mis-represented a need and re-sold it?

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