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    WTB - early Menatone Red Snapper

    Anyone here selling an early Menatone Red Snapper? Thanks!
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    Getting Julian Lage's honky tele tone

    You know what model it is?
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    NGD: Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Relic

    Wow, what a beauty! What year is it from?
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    1956 Fender Esquire

    Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it! It`s a truly amazing instrument, the most resonant tele I`ve ever played. Can`t quite explain it, but it`s got something special going on.
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    1956 Fender Esquire

    A couple of recent sound clips :)
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    Esquire Suggestion

    Bare Knuckle Flat `52, it sounds exactly like an old `53 or `54 pickup I had earlier. In fact I sent that pickup to the BK guys, they analyzed it etc and sent me the `52 - a clone of my old one. Here it is, played through a tweed amp.
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    Kerry at Onamac - MIA?

    I have a set of Kerry`s vintage telecaster sets in one my guitars, they sound spectacular! I bought them when they costed $80 or so, a steal! Should`ve bought many more :)
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    Eric Johnson playing a Tele

    Very cool. Anyone know what tele that is?
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    Pink Paisley Partscaster Project

    Looks really nice! How much does a body like this cost?
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    Vintage teles

    I`ll say this, my blonde `68 maple cap is maybe the finest tele I`ve ever played. You can still find a nice `68 maple cap in players grade condition for "reasonable" money.
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    53/67! Player grade creativity…

    With all these issues I can`t see that it would sell for the asking price. And not digging the refin.