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    New Neck Build - some advise

    Emann - i’ve had good luck following this tutorial fairly closely: Thread 'Makin' your own nuts (Tutorial)'
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    Contoured tele build

    Potato - google up the Fezz Parka wiring mod. Its a very simple 1 wire switch - you might like the vol-tone interaction dynamics better. The red wire is the mod:
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    Thinline Tele Build - how to maximize this flame maple top?

    I’m a big fan of honey or tobacco bursts on curly maple tops. Water-soluable dyes, and practice, are your friend.
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Gettin the homebrew B-bender finalized. A few minor tweaks left to address, but it seems to work well in initial trial. Many thanks to Chase at Shoals Benders (no affiliation) for the custom string-through B-saddle and misc advice.
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    What's on your workbench today? I used circuit 1C, except i swapped out the USB power supply for a 9v battery regulated down to 5v with one of these: Bridgold 20pcs L7805CV L7805 Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 1.5A 5v,3-Pin I used...
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    What's on your workbench today?

    DIY gaussmeter for getting a reading on my magnetization process/pole pieces when winding my pickups. Whole deal less than $30; uses my DMM for readout. The circuit is about as simple as it gets, the business end is a Hall effect chip in the end of the plastic probe, plus a voltage regulator to...
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    question on magnetizing pole pieces

    I've made several tele pickups sets so far... seem to work fine.... sound good to me, and have had good comments from end users. I have been magnetizing the pole pieces by bringing neo magnets (1"x.25" rods) into direct contact with the ends of the pole pieces (north on one end and south the...
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    What's on your workbench today?

    My homebrew B-bender rig (Parsons-based) seemed to work on the trial board, so I’m launching into the prototype build. I’m sure Murphy’s Law will come into play at some point….
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    Import Wiring Question

    Hawkeyes - I have no idea of your switch’s circuitry, but i highly recommend you get a multimeter (a cheap one will do), and use the continuity setting to familiarize yourself with how the switch works - what settings connect what nodes. It’s much more satisfying than wiring simply as a “paint...
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    What's on your workbench today?

    takin' a stab at my own design for a B-bender. machining the aluminum parts by hand mostly, and assembling on a try-board. to be continued......
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    do many of you wind your own Pickups ?

    I love winding my own. Once ya get the hang of it, it’s pretty reliable. Doubt I’ll ever pay the high-priced boutiques vendors ever again. I’m in no hurry and this little DIY rig with a sewing machine motor & $15 counter works fine for my purposes. I use Philadelphia Luthiers Supply for most pieces
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    HELP: Can this Neck Blank be Saved???

    +1 on rejecting anything that is slightly questionable. If you think you feel invested in it NOW, wait ‘till you get it all together…. and it misbehaves again. There is no greater pain…. Ask me how I know. In my experience, relief or backbow are potentially (not always) curable with careful...
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    One filtertron.

    Wherever you put it, consider the Eldred wiring scheme
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    What's on your workbench today?

    A freebie rescued from the curb in my neighborhood. 130 lbs of American made cast-iron 1930s Delta goodness. Cleaned, oiled, & greased it up, new belt and new wiring; runs like a top.
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    What's on your workbench today?

    Yessir you are correct. Less than 6k