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    name the guitar and its owner.

    Is it Johnny winters’ guitar?
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    Blues: a small question and a big one

    I had a teacher who simply called all the classic blues licks “cliches” He didn’t mean it to insult the blues, rather that your average listener would be familiar with the musical idea. Great way to start off a solo. I think the same teach may have talked about “altering the 3rd” or “altering...
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    what songs taught you the most?

    "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin. The solo from that tune was the first time I saw 'patterns' on the fret board. It could have been any tune, but I think I just learned that one at the right time.
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    Your response to "What kind of music do you play?"

    My favorite reply is an energetic “the good kind!”
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    Boss 3-pedal board (BCB-30 or 30X) - which three pedals?

    Give me a DD-3, TR-2, and a CS-2. Great pedals!
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    You Know You Love Mexican Food When . . . . .

    Great thread! I was just wondering what to get for dinner.
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    So, is the Blues Jr. really that bad?

    A friend of mine recently picked up a Tweed Blues Jr and I really like it. The clean sound is great. The first time I played it at rehearsal, even my band mates noticed the pleasant timbre
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    Which techniques have you mastered? Poll

    I thought about checking the “basic chords” box, but then I remembered what the “basic chords” were in Warren Nunes’ Jazz Guitar Chord Bible. Oh well, Playing music is about the journey.
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    These pretzels are making me thirsty...

    would that make it a Kramer Cosmo?
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    Guitarists whose singing you love equally...

    If there can be only one, it’s gotta be George Benson.
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    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    Ibanez Tube Screamer, TS-5 Soundtank. My friend’s older brother threw it in free with the blue Gibson Les Paul Studio I bought from him. The guitar had a poorly repaired broken headstock, so it was only $200
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    DiMarzio Pickups underrated?

    My first electric guitar was an MIM Strat that I loaded with Fender hot noiseless pickups and a DiMarzio PAF pro in the bridge. It was a great sounding pickup, I played many gigs with that guitar. DiMarzio isn’t “the chic” pickup any more, but I think highly of them.
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    I Know I’m Annoying The Bass Player

    You could write charts for everyone- so not to single him out. Maybe? I’ve done it before. It helps some players.
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    Trem Cat on the prowl

    It’s my favorite amp. The tone stacks on the Trem cat are so cool. It’s like an all tube modeling amp. I’ve had this amp for a few years, but it’s really heavy. I feel guilty letting good gear collect dust, so last week I set it up as my new practice amp. I was playing it all weekend with my...
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    Compressor Pedal

    The Boss CS-2 is my favorite too.