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    Australian Members Club

    Starting to worry that this year's winter rain is going to be like this year's summer rain. If so, I might as well move to Southeast Asia, where I can stay perpetually soaked for a fraction of the price.
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    I used to be a guitar player/singer/songwriter…

    Heya, @Chud. John Lennon took five years off from the business, but he was still the real deal. If in doubt, just get back on the horse. My humble advice (which I'm trying to take myself, right now) is to give up one bad habit and use the free time to kick a good musical habit back into gear...
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    About to give up

    Don't stop, @Awel . Just do something different. Something that works for you, probably something you haven't tried before. New directions! Set a new project up that will polish your soul back up to standard, and get after it. 1991 was an awesome year. But it's behind us now. Still not too...
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    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    I'm still using bigger amps. My bedroom amp for the electric sixes is a Twin Reverb, and I'm hoping to upgrade to a full Ampeg fridge (8x10) for my basses. But I'm just a back porch player. I don't have to please anyone but myself. It pleases my ear to move some air. On the flip side, if I were...
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    Greatings from south of France

    A belated welcome to you from Down Under, JC (Frenchy). Always different and interesting music to be had from la Gaule! p.s. three cheers for black Teles. ;-)
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    What crazy guitar would you like to own some day?

    This is just within reach, and not so crazy I couldn't bring myself to do it:
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    Darwin remains hard at work

    If Darwin was all that busy, he'd have caught up to me a long time ago.
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    Would you buy the same exact Tele in a different color?

    Duplicate my American Standard Nashville B-Bender? Absolutely. And I nearly did, except I'd just dropped three grand on another used guitar and my missus was very sore about the thought of that happening two weeks in a row. Could've got a new condition version B-Bender in a nice sunburst. After...
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    Annie Lennox and her daughter Lola.

    Once upon a time I worked with a fellow who knew her in the 'before' days, in Aberdeen if I'm not mistaken. And 'Force Of Nature' is exactly how he described her.
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    Problem. Serious problem.

    Positive waves coming your way from Down Under, Larry . . . been away and only just found out. I'm sorry you've been in a jam, but am quietly hopeful that the surgery is successful and 'done'.
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    Any New Bender Maestros Out There?

    Bob doesn't post much, but he's a member here: @Bob Warford, I think
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    Name a piece of gear you purchased or a technique you changed due to one of your guitar-playing influences.

    Most of my stuff just catches the vibe of what I like, but a few bits of kit go directly to specific players: Wah pedal - Clapton Fretless bass - Jaco Tele with b-bender - Clarence White All three prove the TDPRI maxim that it ain't enough just to have the kit.
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    Any New Bender Maestros Out There?

    @brookdalebill > Keep your eye on TDPRI's @ChrisLarcombe. His playing career is mostly still ahead of him, and he's good with the bender.
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    The unspoken truth about good music....

    For me, music is a direct line to the Other World. That's reason enough.
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    Fender Paisley: either the stupidest purchase ever, or the best

    I saw what you did there. . . .

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