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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    I had a friend who bought a cheap Chinese Style LP cheap and when I played it through a real amp I couldn’t believe how good it sounded. I have in the past found a set or three of various expensive vintage replicas at a more reasonable price and I can say that if you are looking for a true PAF...
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    Early Mixing is not a group activity

    We all should remember that he who pays for the time gets to make those decisions. Labels are there to make money not satisfy anyone’s ego. Also remember that an A/R guy at a label told Black Sabbath I don’t hear a single. We got “Paranoid” Usually after ten hour of recording the band doesn’t...
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    Changing Username

    You are a fairly new member if you can’t change it you could just abandon it and join with the new one.
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    Landscaping Question

    Gardeners with knowledge and experience.
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    Landscaping Question

    The best answer to gophers I have ever used is breaking up dry ice and putting it down all the holes. Cover them over and see if any survive. I’ve never had to repeat. Keep the windows down in your car when you bring it home! I’ve seen old time Gardners here use newspaper and even cardboard. I...
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    Has anyone solved the 1099K issue?

    You're right they're probably not going to audit you but I have had the IRS run my return through a computer and and send me a bill for an increase without needing any additional labor from them. If you ignore a 1099 this is likely and they will ask that you send more money or provide proof...
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    How to break in a speaker?

    I never worried about breaking in a speaker. When I bought large amps new many years ago there were always people in the house that would not appreciate a cranked amp so I waited until no one was home before I turned it up, so maybe I did unintentionally break them in. I don't remember anyone at...
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    Lets Talk about Cats , Cats not Hip-Kats, a discuss is invited.

    His fur has grown back
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    What crazy guitar would you like to own some day?

    I know it has a tone but it’s close
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    Need some advice about moving away, due to family issues

    when I think about this type of situation I think of the line in the song Baker Street "just one more year and then you'll be happy" You are responsible for your happiness not any one else. Stop fighting with your brother, if he isn't going to change then you have to look at yourself and how you...
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    So Why Were You Fired From The Band?

    My first serious band decided to get a female singer that I definitely didn't want in the band but was outvoted. Three months later we were dating and then one year later the band wanted her out but were afraid to say anything so they just quit instead. I haven't been fired but I have fired a...
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    Neck with no truss rod

    I have a 59 Danelectro without one and it plays great but when it was new it was cheap and secondly the fact that the neck on that guitar is good comes down to luck.
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    Did Fender roll the fretboard edges already in the 50s?

    I could be like others and say pictures or it didn’t happen, but then, there are the pictures. 🤣 It’s nice to have so much depth on this forum.
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    I do believe that in the 50's to the mid sixties the most common mods were new paint or a bigsby and those were not common. If you were in a city where someone knew how to wind a pickup you were lucky, it's not like you could just go down to the local music shop and pick out the right one and...
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    I never really thought of this but Rory Gallagher's strat started out belonging to Jim Conlon from The Royal Showband. It was allegedly the first strat in Ireland and Jim traded it in when a red one came in and the rest is history, I guess the red guitar thing was a real thing.