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    What Nashville Tele is Joe Strummer playing?

    I have a '98 and it has a Strat pickup in the middle, and tex mex pickups all around
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    Pin stripe or no?

    I like the look, I contacted a local guy and he wanted $200, so. uhh, I'm still shopping
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    Are Telecasters like this really "purple"?

    didn't Fender sell a MIM standard in Midnight Wine in the late 80's early 90's? - they were kinda purplish leaning toward dark magenta
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    Top 5 underrated guitarists

    Steve Hunter, Dick Wagner, Willy Nelson, Charles Thompson
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    Cats Are the BEST!

    Casey for Christmas
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    Finally building a bass board.

    The Radial Bassbones is a Pedal that combines a two Preamps with with assignable EQs, an effects loop, and a DI. Awesome Pedal it makes everyone sound better. It's especially good when you're running a passive bass and an active bass, you can set your levels for each one.
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    Finally building a bass board.

    you need a Radial Bassbones, maybe a SansAmp radial here
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    Question re: dual 500k/250k potentiometer

    they have what you need at Guitar
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    Solar Guitars T Type inset neck , Duncan Pickups

    I like it. It looks lethal
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    The Greatest Solos Of All Time

    The Intro to Sweet Jane, on Rock and Roll Animal, Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner killing it
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    Help identifying name on pickups

    maybe it's Boneless?
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    Is it weird to put a Fender Tele neck on an Esquire?

    Bruce has an Esquire with two pickups. It's your guitar, and I personally would not obsess about it, besides, if you're anything like a lot of us here, the next time you see a nice flamey maple neck, or particularly attractive rosewood, that neck is going anyway.
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    Odd Sized Bass Pickups

    Carvin Bass from 1982