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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    What’s the story behind leaving a penny?
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    We're all being suckered......

    A few years ago I bought a MIC CV Squier tele through Chicago Music. (First new electric guitar I ever bought.) When it arrived it was, out of the box, set up perfectly. It came in January yet no sharp fret ends. I was so impressed. So I wonder, did Chicago Music set it up before shipping? I’m...
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    Spanish folks - your top tips for Paella please

    El Marin,,,thank you for this. Your response was wonderful; informative And entertaining!
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    Neighborhood getting scary

    I liked the look of the wood. But still had/have no efing idea what this was about.
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    If you were a record executive…

    Willie Nelson and Keith Richards.
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Yes! Would also think the week a young, just pre-fab George spent visiting his sister in the states (Idaho?) would have made a great little independent movie.
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    "The Legend of the Music Tree"

    Great story. Thanks for posting.
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    NGD Kay Vanguard

    This is great. And for $2.98 you can play like Chet Atkins; it just gets better and better!
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    NGD Kay Vanguard

    I wouldn’t sand it down. At least not before I cleaned up the plastic and parts, oiled the neck etc. Also, not before I made sure everything was secure, in place and working. I think that’s a cool looking guitar, I’d let it be it’s best self before giving it a makeover.
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    Books on Squire guitars

    Thanks for posting this. I have that model, bought used and knew nothing about it. As Dylan said about Alicia Keys, “There ain’t nothing I don’t like about her!”
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    Anyone remember Captain Scarlet? Thunderbirds? Joe 90? Stingray? Supercar?

    I can’t really remember it but I do recall loving “Fireball XL5” as a kid. I also vaguely remember something called “Diver Dan”. (?) And fwiw, I think the modern day “Team America” was hysterical. I highly recommend it. (Just don’t watch with your children.)
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    60th Anniversary Limited Edition Tele

    Maybe find a decal you like to cover it with.
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    Things you haven’t seen in a long time

    The old foot measurer thing they had in shoe stores. (I guess, shoe stores for that red as well.)
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    Restringing a nylong string guitar

    Classical guitars are fascinating things; amazing tools that are incredibly well designed. There are so many differences, subtle and sometimes complex, in how luthiers approach the build to achieve their perceived ideal tone and maximum volume. If you can ever find a place that has good, hand...
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    A Song You Cannot Sing

    Name a song.