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    Actually how heavy is a Gibson Les Paul?

    oh my god, you can use that as an anchor...the poor LP!
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    When tube production ends one day...

    yes, but will there be demand in 50 years? Many tube amps will be around in garages,basements etc. not working ,because no one produces tubes anymore. They maybe will remain in safes of modeling/profiler companies for reference, that also own some machines to produce tubes for their own purpose
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    When tube production ends one day...

    Exactly,a "Nu-tube" ish kit for tube amps with different available voicings (EL34/84 etc)
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    When tube production ends one day...

    ...will there be "modelling tube" upgrade kits you can stick in the sockets instead?
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    The big WEAKNESS of MODELLING...

    I löve to revive old "glory" threads, the oldest was from's like "back to the future"...very exciting when you wait for the first answer,hopefully from one of the original posters
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    Why are IR's better than cab simulation?

    but IR*s on stage are another factor that can cause sound problems like overloading the input level (ugly distortion) of your IR loader... There is a reason why many pro players like Bonamassa prefer a Palmer cab sim...set and forget
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    Filter-Trons and the like..

    me, too...usually I throw out the factory pickups for Duncans etc.and that was also my plan with the blacktops... but damn, they sound so good overdriven and clean...and with a treble bleed, you get tons of great tones, when you dial back the vol. of my fave pickups
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    What was your first album?

    Beatles "blue" and "red" albums
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    Eq pedal help?

    of course a Boss ge-7
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    Filter-Trons and the like..

    Filtertron "Blacktops"
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    what is green and when you press the button red?
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    The NEW Yamaha Revstar line up

    It's on their website ...but different pickguard color Yamaha Revstar RS820CR BBL Brushed Black
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    The NEW Yamaha Revstar line up

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    Yngwie and the hole 80s Shrapnel records/neo classical shredding thing?

    I 've always wondered, where all those 80's "Shrapnel records" Yngwie clones turned up in such a short time... they all played with the same technique (string skipping,3-notes per string picking,sweep picking,arpeggios etc) Is there any article,maybe with interviews...
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    What Was the First Effect Device You EVER Bought ?

    1983: BOSS SD-1...still have and love it...

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