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    What is the value to a website like TGP and TDPRI of folks with high post and likes?

    My post count here and on TGP is strictly a result of my participation over quite a few years now. Nothing planned or sought in those numbers, no particular significance in post count alone. As others have said above, I'm here to learn and share. Likes are always nice to have; sometimes, not...
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    Is It Necessary To Cut Your Teeth In A Cover Band?

    Depends on what you mean by "cover band". Where I live, that typically means classic rock covers. Such bands are not for me at all. I do love covers, but more of the relatively unknown and quirky variety, freely interpreted rather than slavishly copied. The idea that covers have to be note for...
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    The distinct sounds of various vibrato bars…?

    My two favorite trems: #1 the trem on my Hallmark 65 custom. Perfect. #2 the Wilkinson 2 screw trem on the Reverend Double Agent. My preference with Bigsbys is always for the non-tension bar variety, but I have been most pleased with the tension bar Bigsby on my Eastman T64V/t. Smooth, very...
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    Are there any thinline Teles that aren't....

    Fender deluxe thinline: S1 switching, "noiseless" p/us. Nice guitar, but the one I got was anything but noiseless. With all the crap electronics replaced, rewired, damn nice...
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    Y'all loan out guitars?

    I've done it several times. For years at a time, twice. No regrets here.
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    Do Craigslist lowball offers work?

    Lowballs can work. I don't try. Assuming an item is not too overpriced, I'll make a reasonable offer, in the 10 - 20 percent lower range. If the price is already reasonable, I'll pay asking. Many of the items I truly would love to have are so high priced that it's pure fantasy. Priced so that a...
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    Do you change?

    Change is life, part of life. Coping with change is a life skill. That said, much of the self stays unchanged, for the most part. So coping with change does not always mean changing oneself.
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    It's not up to you to say whether or not you're a moron...

    I've never been shy about admitting it. My wife appreciates my honesty.
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    Cheese and apples!

    Cheese and pears are just as good together.
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    Guitarists Who Inspire Through Something Magical Rather Than Extreme Speed Or Technique?

    Julian Lage. He does have very advanced technique, but it's what he does with it that draws me in. Such an adventurous musician.
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    Open, full sounding telecaster bridge pickup

    The Cavalier Nashville is one of the two best tele bridge p/us I've heard. Not ice picky. Open sounding. When I dig in down near the bridge it lights up. Such a fine p/u.
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    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    Not even close. Wrong.
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    Need an amp for telecaster

    It's the rare amp that doesn't sound good with a tele. I've owned or tried so many. On the tube side, I can recommend the Magnatone Varsity non reverb. Got mine used for about a grand. Not sure if that possible any longer. The biggest surprise (good surprise) for tele sounds is SS, the DV Mark...
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    Do you set an alarm.....or three?

    The only time I ever need an alarm is for super early departures, to an airport for example. Otherwise, I seem to always be awake when it's necessary.