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    Remember those $80 Squier Fat Teles @ GC?

    Awesome job. I built one for my daughter in a similar color, and went with the white pickguard.
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    Cox model airplanes, rockets etc..

    As a little guy, maybe six or seven, I had a little unpowered plane (just a free spinning propeller) on a string. I'd spin around flying that thing for hours. Later on, I graduated to a Cox .049 powered plane, a balsa wood trainer that I built myself. I spent more time repairing it after...
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    Scatter Lee's 2012 Challenge Build Thread -- COMPLETED

    Scatter Lee: Another awesome job. After last year's build, I had no idea how you could possibly top it - but you did. Just freaking awesome...
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    Anyone see the original Black Sabbath back in the day?

    I actually saw them in 1975. They were great, but the next day we went to school talking about the warm up band, who we had never heard of. Their album had just been released, but hadn't gotten any airplay yet, so we had no idea what to expect - and we were completely blown away by some guys...
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    Please comment on this thread without reading any of it!

    The answer is 42, as anyone with a brainstem can plainly see.
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    Let's Have a Conversation Using Bob Dylan Lyrics

    "Has your luck ran out?" she laughed at him - "I guess you must have known it would some day."
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    I Miss That Redhead

    OK, she's not a redhead, but I do have a huge crush on Alice the SnorgTees girl...
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    Wife likes the Equinox, 4 cyc AWD, yes/no?

    I got my wife a Flex, and we love it as well. Ours is the FWD, and we get 21-22 MPG with it. Lots of room; Two of our kids are well over 6' and they have lots of leg room in the second row.
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    Surf music tip

    Why can't we say P________?
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    Help with new Ipad 2 - won't connect to wifi

    Someone was telling about a similar problem a few days ago. I believe the issue is that the WiFi chip in the iPad does not work with all types of WiFi; Possibly "N" but not the earlier "G"? I stand corrected. It was something to do with compatability with some dual band routers...
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    Everyday Carry Flashlight

    I used to carry a little baton called a Kubotan. It's a ~4" martial arts tool useful in striking at pressure points or in holds. After 9/11, they were no longer allowed on aircraft. So I started carrying a 2 AA mini Mag Lite, which is basically the same size and shape, with the added benefit...
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    I'd buy a Logan.
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    Please take this survey for school

    How often do you use a pick? 1-10 8 How often do you lose picks? 1-10 6 (not so much lose, as wandering off with my kids, who also play.) Do you wish there was a better place to store guitar picks? yes How much do you spend a month on picks? 0, <$1, $1-10, >$10 $1-10 If you had...

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